Is An Angel Calling

Just a thought!

I lay here in this broken body
trapped beyond my years
I can't escape the thought of
better days behind my tears
Did I hear the words beneath her breath
Have I captured her intent
Was it someone else she spoke upon
Or me this message sent…
Is a blessed Angel calling me
Am I the chosen one
As the banks of light burst thru the clouds
Are my Earthly works now done…
Will my life be measured in kinder deeds
Or countless failures I bear
Have I treated kindly, those in need
Were my thoughts enough to share…
I humbly now, await your grasp
Like a rock in an endless stream
Is my time at hand, have you called me up…
Or was it just a dream

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"We never know when an Angel will call!"

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