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Monterrey - Nuevo León

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I am 20 years old when I joined this website, I love writting and creating stories, I love videogames and the art of programming them. I am currently studying in Tecnologico of Monterrey. I enjoy tv shows and movies so much I got inspired to become a hobbyist author because of them, my favorite director? Maybe Christopher Nolan or Inarritu.

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It is a dark hole full of treasures.

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"Politics is hand-shaking with the right hand and hold a rock in the left."

Favorite tv shows/anime of all time: Breaking Bad, Daredevil, Hannibal, Daredevil Crybaby, Death Note, Inuyasha.
Favorite movies: The Revenant, Enter the Void, No Country for Old Men, Mr Nobody, Interstellar.
Favorite books: Almost all Goosebumps series, Maze Runner 1 & 2.


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