I learned from lessons that honesty can bring neglection but that's not the case. 
In this case my intentions are to confess to you, and like they say "don't ask a question if you're not looking for an answer"
 but why be honest if you're not hoping for an outcome.
Being honest could be my own set up for failure, but I figured why not man up and try rather than lying to myself and hide.

I know in reality if I spoke this you wouldn't hear it, or if I threw it as a piece of paper you wouldn't feel it.
So with precautions let the wisdom of my words get me into with your spirit.
Now I may not be the first to have said this but I don't wanna be a curse because women are the verge to a space we all cherish. 

I'm not trying to be a dime-a-dozen believe me, I just honestly believe that you should know
 that the purpose of my words come from the feelings you emerge
In other words I'm into you

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Inspired by life

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Guess Who?

So we've known each other for sometime now
Changed my style, the way I walk
My clothes, the way I talk.
Yet, I'm invisible.. Nah.
You don't even see how your positive energy surrounds the public
Your strong aura reflects on your craft so since you inspire me, this is like art you know?
I stutter,
I mean when words are too deep at least just to me I rather feel as if I'm dreaming.
Cause it's easier to think I'm just imagining things and I could get the perfect answers so don't judge me for what I'm saying but,
I like you.
You know like riding a roller coaster and you get that rush. 
I guess those are the feelings you get when you have a crush.
I wanted to write a note, but I didn't know what to say.
Imagine I was to approach you in such a way
I wonder if it would've been the better way but I was taught that some things are better left unsaid.
I try my best to not stare when you come around, or am I just afraid that if I speak up you'll turn me down.
I admire everything about you so I guess I'll sit back & chill for a while.
Cause to most this is silly or just a crush, but I just hope I made you smile.
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Meteor Shower

If the possibility of calling you mine

were riding on a shooting star,

I'd shower in meteors. 

The Blue Bus

I saw you climb into the blue bus yesterday

And I must say

I kind of sighed as it drove away.

I thought I'd walk over to you and just say hi.

God knows I tried

But I stood frozen

And settled for goodbye.

I wanted to wink to the window where I saw your face.

Maybe that I could ace

But the bus drove away and took you to a different place.

Before it left I managed to catch your smile.

If I could store that in a file

I'd carry it with me like a lawyer headed for trial.


I'm going to the stop again,

I wonder if you are too,

To wait for a bus that's blue,

Only to see you.


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For what they're worth, her kisses take my feet off the earth and every time, it feels like a rebirth.
When our lips touch, the feeling can't be described in phrases,
But you wouldn't understand even if we trade places.

Her beautiful hair, her gorgeous nose, her dazzling eyes, her perfectly crooked ears, her sensitive neck..
I swear i lose my mind around her.
Whenever i see her, everything feels brand new like a movie premiere..
But when we kiss, nothing can compare..
It's like midnight on new year's eve at Times Square.

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Defining Love

I often hear about love at first sight..
Some people like to believe it's the only kind of love that will forever last.
But isn't becoming infatuated with someone at eye contact like handing your soul to the devil without a signed contract?

I don't know much about love,
But at some point everybody gets that one feeling that they can't get rid of.
All it takes is one person to make you feel fragile,
And like Sean Kingston said, a beautiful girl could have you suicidal.

I remember that night, when she caught my attention spontaneously..
She had the ability to excite and give me stage fright simultaneously.
I thought if i approached her and played my cards right, maybe she'll be mine..
Or at least i might stay on her mind overnight, but i figured she was probably too smart to fall for my punch line.

You can say she had my mind gone from the start and a simple "hello" from her would've been the correct cure.
Or maybe she'll resent me and that'd be too much pain for the heart,
But i won't stop trying until i put together the perfect picture,
Where it's just me and her.

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A Love

A word with two meanings,
But for me the same.
I feel one just like the other,
It’s never enjoyable.
Sends me to depression,
The place without a sun.
The question remains,
Why such pain?
I’ve done nothing wrong,
And the feeling is too strong.
Someone help this is too hard,
I beg for you mercy.
Without this ache,
I’d be content.

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ive been

I've been smiling every time I hear your name.
My eyes shine when I see your face.
I've been trying to send a signal,
But I've been sweating nerves trying to figure it out.

You have my heart pounding with every hug.
Every word is like a poem,
Butterflies get the best of me.
Rushing my fingers threw my hair,
Following you like a lost puppy.
You're so clueless,
And I'm so crushing on you.

Take my hand,
And take my heart.
This can last forever.

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what are your thoughts

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If Only One Day

1st poems

If only one day I could
Make your heart raise its pace
If only I could learn your formula
If only I had the power to daze.

If only one day I could
Make you feel what I feel
If only I could
Share this love that kills

If only one day I could
Make your hands tremble of delight
And on your lovely face shift your breathtaking features
If only you would let me enter your room through a window at night.

If only one day I could
On your lips burn a mark
With the touch of mine
And in your heart ignite a forever lasting spark.

If only one day you would
Give up your life for me
As I do for you
At last, my existence will exit torture and become free.

If only one day you would
Realize that you are the oxygen in my air
That I can’t breathe in without your being filling up every square inch of my soul
And I am never prepared.

If only one day I would
Have to courage to say
How much I uncontrollably love you
And to admit that without the last piece of my puzzle, day by day I’ll slowly start do decay.

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