I learned from lessons that honesty can bring neglection but that's not the case. 
In this case my intentions are to confess to you, and like they say "don't ask a question if you're not looking for an answer"
 but why be honest if you're not hoping for an outcome.
Being honest could be my own set up for failure, but I figured why not man up and try rather than lying to myself and hide.

I know in reality if I spoke this you wouldn't hear it, or if I threw it as a piece of paper you wouldn't feel it.
So with precautions let the wisdom of my words get me into with your spirit.
Now I may not be the first to have said this but I don't wanna be a curse because women are the verge to a space we all cherish. 

I'm not trying to be a dime-a-dozen believe me, I just honestly believe that you should know
 that the purpose of my words come from the feelings you emerge
In other words I'm into you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by life

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