Guess Who?

So we've known each other for sometime now
Changed my style, the way I walk
My clothes, the way I talk.
Yet, I'm invisible.. Nah.
You don't even see how your positive energy surrounds the public
Your strong aura reflects on your craft so since you inspire me, this is like art you know?
I stutter,
I mean when words are too deep at least just to me I rather feel as if I'm dreaming.
Cause it's easier to think I'm just imagining things and I could get the perfect answers so don't judge me for what I'm saying but,
I like you.
You know like riding a roller coaster and you get that rush. 
I guess those are the feelings you get when you have a crush.
I wanted to write a note, but I didn't know what to say.
Imagine I was to approach you in such a way
I wonder if it would've been the better way but I was taught that some things are better left unsaid.
I try my best to not stare when you come around, or am I just afraid that if I speak up you'll turn me down.
I admire everything about you so I guess I'll sit back & chill for a while.
Cause to most this is silly or just a crush, but I just hope I made you smile.
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Just a crush... I really enjoyed the feeling captured here. Nice. ;)