Blue Ribbon in Louisiana

The Drabble Ditch

Blue Ribbon in Louisiana


Window panes pecked

Paint chipped, shingles sagged

Green and yellow spindle and wood

Reptilian stealth and greedy claws

Guards porcelain innocence young

Crystal cold drinks and thumping sun.

There's a local boy in the heat,

Dried grass and Grandpa's shirts, he works.

Curly top sits in her Manor,

With twists and a blue ribbon frame

white cotton trip and rosy-pink punctuation

Playground raking the grass

Small-town Romeo, her darling

and his tricks of the trade

his eye for a bite,

head full of jaw terrors and scars

Papa comes home at dusk,

when the guards turn docile and tired.

Have a drink and a swing and a paddle,

and a little' lady's lips to whisk your dreams wild. 

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Fairytale Creatures Dance Across My Subconcious


I remember a time when I was strange,

at the old, young age of thirteen.

I'd read myself a story, turn out the lights

then I would dare myself to dream.

I flew the skys of Neverland with the Lost Boys

Then I'd kiss that silly Peter Pan.

I'd be the Mad Hatter's Psychiatrist,

and chase the White Rabbit across the land.

Then I'd be dragged away to the land of Oz

and sing on the streets of Emerald City.

I'd smile at the mean old Wicked Witch,

and tell her that she looked pretty.

I'd hook up that Cowardly lion,

with the Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe.

and send the Grinch on a magical trip,

to sail across Calamazoo.

I'd run across two books to Humpty

and make sure he didn't fall.

Then I'd go and join my friend Mulan

to battle bandits on top of the Great Wall.

I'd smile and gossip with Red Riding Hood

and feed the wolf that's Big and Bad.

Then agree to build Two Little pigs a house

if i saw they were looking sad.

I'd hop in Cinderella's magic carriage

and wear a gown to the Ball.

Then I'd shop til I dropped in her hometown

Oh yes, I'd do it all.

I'd marvel at dancing pots and pans

while singing with Beauty and the Beast.

I'd join the Prince who kissed Snow White

and invite her dwarves to a feast.

I'd gather Fairy Godmothers and Pinnochio

we would go and grab a bite.

Then I'd tell my new friends that I must wake,

and wish them all a goodnight.

Then my alarm clock would sound,

with its loud annoying beep.

I'd spend the day imagining new adventures,

until I could go back to sleep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Childish in a way, But I fell in love with it while writing it. So enjoy Tongue Out

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Chicken Nuggets

Short Stories

   I’m sitting in the middle of the street in my bathing suit with my younger sister and our two friends.  We live in a small town up in the mountains where everybody walks to where they need to go, so we’re not gonna get run over. We’re pretending to be fairies and the asphalt is so hot that you could squish it with your finger.

   I sat poking the street and squinted upwards as I heard footsteps.

     “Who’s that?” my best friend, Aly asks me. She closes one eye and her mouth is in a confused snarl.

   I shrug. “I dunno.” I go back to poking the asphalt.

Our town is supposed to be a secret and I don’t like it when people find it.

The stranger keeps walking towards us. This one was just a boy, about our age.

     “Hi,” he says. He’s tan and has hair that almost matches his skin. His teeth are crooked and he has scabs on his hands.

     “Hi,” my little sister says as she waves at him. All of us look at each other. The boy just stands there staring at us. None of us looks at him.

     “I gotta go home now. Bye guys. Come on Hope,” I say as I get up and take my little sisters hand. Aly and her younger sister wave goodbye and leave the boy alone in the street. Hope and I get home and spread ourselves out on the living room floor.

     “Who is he? Have you seen him before?” I ask and spit on a scratch on my knee.

     “No.” Hope shakes her head full of dark hair.

     “You don’t think he lives here do you? I hope not.”

Someone knocks on our front door. No one ever uses our front door. They always use the backdoor that never closes unless you slam it.

I get up to answer it. I see through the shades the shape of a young boy.

     “I think it’s the boy.” I open the door. “Hi.”

     “What’s your name?” he asks me.

     “Melody. What’s yours?”

     “Jimmy, but you can call me PJ,” he says as he pushes his way past me and walks into our house.

   I look at Hope and raise my eyebrows. I accidentally slam the door. I really don’t like this kid. I sigh and stick out my chin.

     “I’ll be right back. I need to ask my mom a question,” I say and walk to my parent’s room. “Mom, there’s this kid in our house and I don’t know who he is.”

     “What?” my mom asks me.

     “Aly and me and Hope and Lala met him today and we don’t know who he is.”

     “He’s probably the new neighbors.” She walks to the bedroom door and glances outside to look at PJ.

     “Oh,” I say. I dig my big toe into the carpet.

     “What’s the matter?” She looks back at me.

     “He’s gonna ruin our group. We have fun when it’s just us. He keeps trying to play with us and we don’t want him to.” I look down and make my mouth a rainbow shape.

     “Melody, that’s not very nice.”

   I scrunch my nose at her and leave.

I see PJ in our kitchen, going through our fridge. He grabs the snack I was saving for later and sits down at our table.

    I blink slowly as I watch him eat my food. I feel a bump pop into my throat.

     What the heck is he doing? That’s my snack.

  I stand still and breathe through my mouth.



   A few hours pass by and he’s still bugging me.

   I hear another knock on the door. Someone’s at the front door. I open it up and see a short lady with puffy red hair holding a cigarette in one hand and her cell phone in the other. 

   She’s gotta be the new neighbors. Everyone knows you don’t get cel service up here.

     “Hello, I’m Linda,” she says as she smiles. Her hands are shaking and she doesn’t look at me when she talks. “I’m looking for a little boy named PJ.”

   My mom suddenly pops up out of nowhere like she does and smiles at the strange lady.

  “Yeah, he’s here. I’ll go get him,” my mom says as she walks away to my room which he’s taken over.

My mom comes back and PJ’s looking down at his mud covered boots.

     “Thank you.” His mom smiles, grabs PJ’s arm and closes the door.

My mom breathes out for a long time, purses her lips and rubs the back of my head gently.

I hate it when she does mom-ish stuff like that.



   A few weeks later I’m over at Aly’s house with our friend Sarah. She’s been on vacation for a while so we’re telling her all about PJ.

     “Yeah, and then he-“ I’m cut off by Hope and Lala running towards us, screaming. They both reach us and point behind them.

     “He’s coming. Hide. It’s PJ,” says Hope between pants.

Sarah looks at us wide eyed and we all run to the garage.

     “Get in, get in. Hurry up.” I push Hope inside but leave the door open just a bit and peek outside. PJ walks into Aly’s yard and starts to wander around.

    “What’s he doing?” Sarah asks me.

     “He’s sitting down,” I say.

   Aly groans.

     “Ok, we should go out,” I say. Aly’s mouth falls open, a few strands of her sandy blonde hair are sticking inside her mouth. “He’s not gonna leave till a long time so we should just go out now.”

As I open up the door PJ turns around and smiles at us.

I roll my eyes, and we all walk to Aly’s front door.

     “Hey! Wait for me!” he says.

I stop walking and poke my cheek with my tongue.

     “Wanna play?”

     “I can’t today. I have a cold.” I say as I turn to face him and fake a cough.

     “Yeah, me too,” Aly says. She coughs too. I poke Hope in the ribs. She coughs, then Lala does.

     “What about you?” PJ points to Sarah. She looks down at the tips of her hair hanging towards the ground.

     “She has one too.”  I cough again. Sarah nods.

   PJ frowns at all of us.

     “Yeah, me too.” He coughs.

I squeeze my jaw tight and my stomach feels warm and heavy.

     “Ok, we’ll play with you. Just let us eat lunch. Aly’s mom is making it for us.” I turn away and run towards her house. We walk inside Aly’s house and go to her room.

     “Alright, we need a plan,” I say as I slowly look at my friends. “Here’s what we’re gonna do.” I motion them closer. “We’re gonna pretend that we can’t see him. So, like, we walk around and play with each other but act like he’s not there. It’ll make him really mad.” I smile and lean back on my heels. All of the girls smile back at me and nod.

   We walk back outside, giggling.

     “So whad’ya guys wanna play?” PJ asks us.

We ignore him.

     “So what do you wanna play? How about faeries?” I say. I try not to look at PJ to see his reaction.

     “I don’t wanna play faeries,” he says.

     “Did someone say something? What’s that noise?” Aly asks.

     “I don’t know,” Hope says.

We all start to walk away from PJ and snicker.

     “Where’ya going? Hey guys, I thought we were gonna play.” He walks up to us and pushes me. I still ignore him.

We keep moving away from him and for a little bit he follows us, but suddenly I don’t hear his footsteps anymore. I smile at Aly, she smiles back; but then we see PJ run past us, crying. We all stop walking.

    All of us look at each other and then down at the gravel.

     “It was your idea,” Hope says.

     “I know.” I frown at her. I scooch my mouth over to one side of my face and grumble.

I follow PJ.

I jog a little ways until I catch up to him. I see him dart around the corner near my house. He runs into a house I’ve never even noticed before. It’s small and blue.

I slowly go up to the door, but I don’t knock because I hear people yelling from inside.

     “Shut up, kid! I’m tryin’ to talk. Why’re you crying?!” says a man.

     “Please stop screaming! PJ would you get outta here? Me and Kraig are tryin’ to have talk.” I hear the Linda lady say.

     “But, mom, I-“ she cuts him off.

     “I don’t give a damn, PJ! You’re tryin’ mamma’s patience. Now please, get the heck outta here.”

  I don’t hear anything for a few seconds. But then the man swears. He says all the bad words I know and some that mom says I’m too young to know.

     “Nobody wants you around, kid! Go bother someone else with your snotty nose and whimpering or else you’ll eat outside again tonight!”

 I flinch and bite my lip. I run away as I hear footsteps coming toward the door.

I stop in front of my house. Aly and the girls are still standing in the same spot waiting for me. I glance into the living room window of my house and see my mom vacuuming the carpet.

I make the same face mom did a few weeks ago when we met Miss Linda.



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Impossible Raymond

Forest of Blonde twists bounce and he shouts,

he's an armada or a cowboy or a shark.

He's a force of nature, speeding down the orphanage hallways in a flash.

He's not really here, he's dreaming, he's manic, he's everywhere, he's exhausting.

He can't possibly be real,

Nothing's as real and tangible as Raymond,

donning rags and dirt and rushing, pulsing thoughts

that charge his body forward and propel him to attack.

Son of a whore, he is.

Scum, but unknowing and uncaring of that stigma.

He has a brother too, Little Tommy, who's a Mute.

He's rarely as explosive and hyperactive as Raymond.

Food is a rarity. It died with his mother.

He searched for water in the sewers of the vast house,

Battling time and guards on his journey,

Battling sickness, Battling the cold, Battling forever.

Raymond's discovered poisonous plants and evil hags.

He saved a princess from her tower twice now,

and, bless him, he even polished his own armour.

Raymond is the last human alive,

left to his own devices for five slow minutes,

Able to move oceans and quash forests and ignite the sky,

He's occupied, and we should dread the day he grows up. 

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When Children Meet Pirates


I was given the job

by the employer from Hell

of nanny to two girls

called Nancy and Belle.


Their father was a crook,

I knew from the start,

he was gluttonous and vile,

but cunning and smart.


He knew nothing of love,

and had only one ambition,

to torture the Kingdom's pirates

until they fell into submission.


Despite their father's flaws,

the girls were utter joys,

Although Belle was a little stubborn,

And made an awful lot of noise,


See, I was employed for a reason,

I found out on my first day.

The girls were intrigued by a forest,

and I was not to let them stray.


The Bloodcrow Forest was scary,

and huge and quite close by,

And the rumour in the city was

that Pirates were camping inside.


See, they were after something,

and my employer, Mr Pesh,

had let slip that he was responsible

for a catastrophic mess.


Mr Pesh was man of law,

and several months ago,

had captures eleven pirates,

and put their severed heads on show.


The pirates' rage was worrying

to men like Mr Pesh,

more so because his daughters,

longed to see Pirates in the flesh.


So I tried for months to control them,

but Belle could not be tamed,

she'd always dreamt of meeting Pirates,

My bedtime stories were to blame...


Before I could stop her,

she escaped in the dead of night,

We feared she might be murdered,

to her sister's cruel delight.


I'd neglected mute little Nancy

and failed to see her tears,

Belle had bullied her sister

and become the subject of all her fears.


So Nancy didn't care

whether Belle had lived or died,

but I still ran into the forest

and screamed for her to hide.


I rescued twelve-year-old Belle,

who was surprisingly calm.

She said she loved the Pirate camp,

and that the Pirates meant no harm.


I told her this was rubbish,

and she'd heard a bunch of lies,

so she screamed and me and kicked my leg

and ran to her room and cried.


The following morning saw a terror,

in the form of a Pirate siege,

which began in the Castle's Courtyard

while King Ferdinand made a speech.

Mr Pesh was a raging bull

and punched his daughter in the eye,

As it was Belle who told the Pirates

that he'd wanted more to die,


As I ran to safe-guard Nancy,

I watched a Pirate approach poor Belle,

who was being beaten by her father

and being told to rot in Hell.


The Pirate wrenched dear Belle aside

and brandished a glistening sword

and plunged it into her father's chest

until he lay dead on the floor.


I was relieved that Belle was safe,

but she clasped a Pirate's hand

and at first I was bewildered but then

I saw her smile expand.


Could it be that she had met him

during her escapade in the woods?

Could he possibly have loved her?

Could a pirate turn out to be good?


I had more important things on my mind though,

All around me, townsfolk were screaming.

I ran, shielding Nancy

from the buildings that were burning.


Through all the smoke and licking flames,

we searched for the Pirate and Belle,

we thought we saw them running,

but it was difficult to tell.


But soon the smoke began to clear

as did the panic in my head,

and we found Belle and the Pirate

hiding near the Forest's edge.


"This is John Lefevre" Belle told me.

"We're in love and I'm running away.

I'm going with him on the Pirate Ship

To find treasure on some exotic bay."


Naturally I was furious

and I punched Lefevre in the face

I begged Belle to come with me and Nancy

to some new and happier place.

Of course, she refused my offer.

Love is blinding and harming and alarming.

She wanted adventure and excitement and her Pirate,

but her sister simply needed re-homing.


Eventually, Lefevre surrendered

and passed me his young lover's hand.

Belle cried all the way to the station,

where we left for Featherjet Land.


We were happy for a while,

me as mother in a cute little cottage.

I got a job as a local teacher

and the girls became my world.


But one morning before I served breakfast,

I heard Nancy shriek Belle' name.

Belle had fled in search of her Pirate

and Nancy was never the same.


My story does not end here,

neither does Nancy's and neither does Belle's,

So I'll leave it here and collect my memories

So that next time, I have more stories to tell. 

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Pens Down

The Drabble Ditch

Mister Teacher cultivates our shivers

Creating craved and necessary marks

He's a devil

His world's in peril

And I'm his precious little rock


Grass Stains

Prison chains

Bright sunshine

Hazel stares turn water to wine


Ink scratches  stain paper and skin

Scrawled and torn until my hands bleed

He's infuriating

He's manipulating

And I'm everything he needs


Dirty knees


A generous heart

But he's cursed with a skull of glass.


I launch myself across the lawn

and I don't want to see where I'm going

My mind's infected

My rage's resurrected

He shakes. He sees his ruby child glowing.


Whispered names

Secret candy canes

Doodles in my book

To decorate the wisdom he took.

A Ripple In Time

The Prompt Pit

Glass underneath her feet doesn't hurt

She's numb
She's a diamond dripping with blood
Pictures are discarded, cracked and she treads on them all.
His babies, his wedding, his memories with friends,
They pop and splinter and she absorbs the pain,
howls with sore laughter
Round and round the cold room,
His eyes are dead, but still he watches her kill his ghost.
With each step, her own mind grins.
Each crack of glass and she's young.
Each advance and she's laughing.
A garden, a holiday, a party
A slap, a scream, and long night.
She shrieks something wild and rips her untamed hair,
She was on fire, her skin peeling black
now she's extinguished in even blacker icy depths.
This ripple in time is curious,
but lasts no more than a minute.
Pretty little girl, now a vicious little lady,
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Holocaust Victim

Robbed of my childhood,
Bundled in smelly rags,
Humiliated to the lowest ebbs of Hell,
Stiffened with fright
Cannot distinguish day from night.
Swollen stomach, gnawing sickness,
Sunken, hollow eyes.
The heart beats,
Little hope.
Why survive? Why stay alive?
Like a beaten, degraded animal
That has felt man’s inhumanity
To man,
Loved ones torn apart,
Castration, damnation.
How can other creatures
Partake in such ghastly features?
Maimed, demonstrably scarred for life
I must survive! I must survive!
The heart beats.
There is little hope.

Boils, blood in the stool,
Bones tender and skinny,
Inflammation, degradation,
Broken shoes too tight.
Famished, underweight
Will it end?
Will we transcend?
Will the will, the soul
Survive the disaster?
As assuredly it must.
We will not die,
We will not rot,
We do believe
We have a God
We painfully shout out loud,
Rehearse and curse.

Where are you, Master of the world?
Whose bleak, black hurricane unfurled?
Mournful, in pain
Return! Return, our gracious God,
And promise
Never again.

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Makeshift Lanterns


Upon the glimmer of eve's first sighted twinkling star,
wishes for treasure, including fireflies for the jar
Asked wonders and trinkets, which awe with delighted swoon,
sincere whispers whisk past the face of a smiling moon

Viewed sparkling tinsel and makeshift lanterns that glow,
beckon eyes to surrender with radiant trove’s show
In sweetened slumber, gatherings of wished treasures stream,
with sprinkle of dust from sandman comes a time to dream


Aloft on fragile wings through fluorescent rainbow skies,
realm of the journey lies in conjured mystic guise
Sought tinseled fields shine beneath night’s swaddling shawl,
makeshift lantern’s bright amber magic surrounding all

Across the yard swooping on wings made of finest gold,
fond dreams were placed within a jars safe hold
Asked wonders and trinkets, which awe with delighted swoon,
throughout the years whisk past the face of a smiling moon

© C.E. Vance


















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