walk away

I dont understand,
I really dont understand,

Walk away,

I dont understand what to say,

about this life I live today,

you take a breath and walk away,

your life goes on without a trace,

I dont understand, 
I really dont understand,

walk away, 

14 years of my life i've never seen, of all the dreams and possiblites,

I learn to walk and dress myself, now im just depressed about myself,

Each day of my life I strive it right
I hold on tight and begin to fight

You stand alone as the man they know,
slow it down, because im about to blow


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is lyrics to a song..

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Christmas I Remember


Vacant as if abandoned on the side of the road
A family sleeping together within this, alone and cold
A rust infected Gran Prix, a dog as the only heat
This Christmas I remember...


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