"My Sweet Rose"

Just a thought!

My lovely Rose dates back to the Great Hunnic Empire

Born in the Thirteenth Shire of the Dacian Kingdom

Descended from the loins of a Saxon, Noble Count, whose

Rotting bones, raised from the dead, by an evil King...

"The sixth son of a sixth son of a sixth son."

The Count, cursed by demons to walk the Earth in

Darkness for a thousand years, feeding off the blood

Of the living... All his children's children, cursed for

Another thousand years to propagate the blood line.

In the dark of night, I met my Rose. Captivated by her

Beauty, seduced by her enchanting ways, she drew me in.

Caught in a passionate embrace, entwined in a hypnotic

Love affair, I was smitten, till she tried to suck the life from me...

With one fell swoop, I separated my sweet Love's head from

her cursed soul.  Unable to escape the clutches of her stare,

I speak to her each day as if she were a part of me...

    "My dear, sweet Rose'...   Still my Love, death becomes you!"

     by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"My Sweet Rose"

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bishu's picture

Passionate but grim Mr Deep my friend so far....

... was wondering if you are a painter... Lovely art the painting & the muse on the plucking of a beautiful rose only to wither like a corpse's skull .... Frown



Vampire_Kisses's picture


I liked the picture before but now I love it. I love the story you put with it. Makes me wanna do one o.O

"Do not run away, for your shadow follows, reminding you of the darkness in your heart."