"Time Lines Honored"

Just a thought!

What "Time" did to you, weaves lines in your face,

Consistant results of beauty and age...

Now persistant to hide them with magic and lace,

Their achievements take back seat on the stage.

 The children you bore, The trips to the store,

Countless hours with them in the sun...

Years of thoughtful invention, endless walks,

Not to mention...all the laundry done,  just for fun'

 All the shoes you tied, all the tears you cried,

Looking back,  seems like a life long race.

But, we all get old, and the metals you hold...

  Are the memory lines held in your face.'

  by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Time Lines Honored"

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Nice !!!!

memory lines held in your face.' Well said :)

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