Beautiful Waters

Just a thought!


Your touch has left a river of stains

In a brook flowing love, throughout these veins

Your feet have dipped in the waters edge

And walked with me on a coral ledge

Your eyes sparkle in a glowing stare

As reflections off ripples, dance through your hair

Such a radiant beauty, there has never been

Watching droplets bead,  from your sun kissed skin

No man has ever dreamt, a vision so devine...

A love captured, in Beautiful Waters, that run, till the end of time

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"Beautiful Waters"

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Sweet Silhouette

Just a thought!

Picture perfect silhouette, gleeming in my eyes,

Silky smooth suductive lines, flow as taffy candy

Soothing shadow valleys, bending slowly over time

Mounded tuffs of softened rise, crest my darkened Angel

Her streaming hair, blends the air, she lies in filtered haze

Poised in a radiant, blissful glow, she lays still to adorn my canvass.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Sweet Silhouette"

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