Flowers of Time

Just a thought!

Sad as it is... all things in life must die...

The animals we adore,

All the loved ones we hold dear,

Memories of them fading with age...

Even the names on their stones have eroded with time'

Someday...I too, shall be looked upon...

Flowers in a field... glowing in the warmpth of sunlight'




Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just a thought of reality in time"

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schmuckjones's picture

Very nice!

But might I suggest when editing the picture, just grab a corner and make the picture a little smaller.   your pic is so big on my screen it's underlapped your profile pic, you must have a really high resolution/big screen!  I can understand that, especially since you do all these cool pictures in microsoft paint.  The cycle of life sure is grand be it a human or a herring.  But we're not crossing over yet! we've got pictures to paint and poems to write.  "Death is but a door, time is but a window.  I'll be back!"   -  Vigo, Ghostbusters 2  :)