Autumnal Equinox XLIX A.S.

Seasons In Hell




Autumnal Equinox XLIX

As The Devil's Fog creeps in, we enter into Season Belial with quaking hooves rising up from cavernous depths, coinciding with heartbeats running with the passions of the Strong and the fears of the weak.


The shadow of Samhain sweeps the land with dreadful shapes, bringing nefarious joy to the children of darkness; while the herd glimpse but a season into the shadow side of their hidden minds, made manifest through necromantic reflections.


The flames of Hell reveal secrets lain occult, enlightening those who seek the mysteries of the black earth, marvels to behold, burning in mind and body, purifying with carnal bliss. The Season of The Beast yields a cornucopia of delightfully sinful pleasures for those who take The Devil's hand, the carnal blessings of the flesh. Pleasures and treasures, tricks and treats to have and to hold.


Leaves blown from skeletal trees in the cool, sweetly burning winds of timeless evocation, enhancing the Magic flow, as Baphomet's eyes glisten in the candle light, amidst the music of the eternal night. ∞




Shemhamforash! Hail Satan! So It Is Done.

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
Autumn Equinox, XLIX Anno Satanas

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Welcome back Fall, Your here after all.

Welcome Back Fall, Your here after all.                                                            9-18-2014

Listen outside to all the noises that call,
to all the chirping crickets so small,
how could they be so small yet so loud,
even above, the clouds, make noise from all.

Listen to the rustling leaves as they dance,
listen to the birds as they welcome fall,
feel the gentle breeze that puts you in a trance,
the warm sun that shines on your face, embrace.

Now I know that we all dread winters arrival,
but I hope to capture the beauty of fall,
I'm sorry it springs on us so late, but wait,
welcome back fall, your here after all.

Sit outside and see red, orange, yellow and green,
the colors of fall that never get old, I've seen,
look at them oaks that stand proudly for you,
their happiest days are in the fall, Autumn is here.

Sit outside and light some candles, pumpkin spice and vanilla,
We'll never get another day like this, I feel my best I hope you do too,
the bugs are gone and its time to enjoy this beautiful day, I hope with you,
play a CD, classical or nature, nothing feels better than this beautiful Autumn day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my mother-in-law. Hope the Autumn brings you joy because we all know whats to come.

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Summer for light.
Fall for beauty.
Winter for clarity.
Spring for resurrection


How long is it again til spring?
For now it's peppermint or pumpkin everything!
Brownies, coffees, cakes and more!
On it goes until it's time..
Once again for Valentine's!!

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As the- 

Winter with its doom-


Stars and the moon.

Touch down with me, my love.

And we will be one.


When the leaves-

Swing to trees.

Autumn will celebrate, 

You and me.

Decaying days live to see many moons.

My love, your spring blossoms and blooms.

"Dreaming Autumn"

An autumn from a dream, it walked in pure diamond,

The meadows, the prairies, incinerated with orange.

The breeze, a hint of lavender, kissed the mountain tops,

A ground of scattered leaves under the sleeping oak.


A velvet complexion was given to the waves of ocean,

Their steel outlining beckoning the quiet sun and gentle moon.

Drowning the shores with infinite acquaintance of roaring waves,

We dance in fields of marigolds, enveloped with an October shimmer.


Your eyes match the blue Iris petals as we fall beneath a silent evergreen,

The western sunset a distant torch on an orange-reflected skyline.

A sunset to melt nations, we lay upon this night,

The stars prepared to shine like ignited magnolias.


Silence so still, a stillness, but soft,

This autumn from a dream, I wish not wake up.

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El otorio dias dorados de otono,
las hojas oscurecen Brown que brilla
a la luz de la luna rodea en silencio.
Los mechones de la voluntad O
parecen, emocion, emocion Afectiva y resplandeciente
a Reacia someterse al frio de temporadas.

Golden days of Autumn,
Leaves obscure brown shimmering
in the moonlight silently surround.
Will-o-wisps appear,
Affective, glowing thrill
Reluctant to submit to the seasons
copyright by heather burns

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A sweep of winds through the thistles,
send seeds adrift in a cottony cloud.
All scatter aloft to sow the lea,
to await the spring, 'neath winter's shroud.

Ushered is autumn- from summer's sun,
start of the season requesting its reign.
Arrival for harvesting nature's blooms,
spreading new life across the terrain.

In moons of September's - evening chills,
fate of foliage - wanes like the light.
Mornings that glisten in covered frost,
brings shades of wilt before next night.

From brittle stems to barren boughs,
a granted destiny - every fall.
Days that bear ripened grains,
ages of wisdom to nurture all.

Throughout the expanse of fertile lands,
seedlings nestle in untilled grounds.
With reach stretching to open skies,
the harvest from autumn abounds.

© C.E.Vance

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Golden days of Autumn,
Leaves obscure brown shimmering
in the moonlight silently surround.

Will-o-wisps appear,
Affective, glowing thrill
Reluctant to submit to the seasons

copyright by heather burns

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