I'm Coming Home Soon

Wilted grasses of the autumn,
Reddish and golden leaves fall from dying trees.
The sun sets down the rich orange clouds,
I'm beginning to feel homesick...

The candy sweet smiles on my close friends,
Oh, how I miss the pleasure of seeing them.
The long halls all reaching towards the gates of freedom,
I want to walk all of them through while holding his hand...

Time goes by fast without being noticed,
Even though every clock are being stalked by my eyes.
His warmth always pass by me every chance it gets,
Despite me being the cold, independent fool I was...

I always feel guilty stuffing my locker with countless words,
Though they're all contained by what's left of nature's kidnapped children...
The world of imagination never leaves me alone,
Even though I'm always in front of the faces of unoriginal lectures.

Blissful revelries of late autumn end too fast,
While the long, cold winter rains snowflakes to freeze our veins.
Then comes the blooming spring of nature's children waking up,
Until the melting and burning, yet pleasuring summer comes by.

My painful eyes opened to see the warming light,
Just to feel tears running down my lit up face.
The guardian angel warrior next to me asked,
"Why let those tears fall, my love?"

I was just unable to answer a simple question for my lover...
What a pathetic princess I was to him,
For all I could do was just give him a smile.
He reached out his hands for my face and kissed my lips.

Home was just down the road of twilight,
Filled with flowers sleeping and flying red and yellow leaves.
"Let's just sit here for a while longer before we go home."
And we closed our eyes while still holding hands...

Autumn Leaves Of Gold (Leaves, Gold, Autumn)

The sky is a clear blue
leaves blow gently in the breeze,
Fall does take its toll
as leaves fall with ease.

Reds, oranges, yellows, and gold
leaves being blown everywhere,
cold days are certainly coming
the trees will be naked and bare.

Swaying in the wind
tree branches bend and bow,
not looking forward to the cold night
watching the sunset's evening glow.

Clouds of purples, pinks and reds
reflect the sun's radiant beams,
the moon is ready to smile
its light gives a brilliant gleam.

Autumn was slow to arrive
nights are starting to get cold,
I enjoy this time of year
looking at Autumn leaves of gold.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a picture, that I took, that goes along with this poem. That's what inspired me to write this.

The Autumn Season

Season Poems

As I look up at the sky,
little leaves drift on by.
The air is filled with a chill,
that no amount of heat can fill.
The leaves are changing color,
in a season like no other.
The wind blows around freely,
during the autumn season that comes yearly.
A scent like no other,
a scent that can't be compared to another.
People seem to feel better,
being nicer, like a love letter.
Air conditioners get turned off,
since the air is comfortable enough.
People look up from their phones,
and with people all around, they see they're not alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem to talk about the Autumn Season! Please let me know what you think!

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Floating through the air,
Travelers that travel the world,
They see more than I.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in 8th grade

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An American Autumn

The sunbeams shine around and partly through the translucent leaves
The leaves are tinted orange like a beautiful aura waiting to be discovered
The branches of unique trees spread towards each other in an abstract arch
The amber leaves reflect the dew over the quietly emerging fractal limbs making for heavenly beams of light shooting through the crevices of the canopy
In relaxed nature the true beauty is delivered
The sunset connects to the suburbanised prairielands along with the adjacent maple leaves
The details are everywhere and on every tree, plant, object, sidewalk, road, plain
Its simplicity, yet so complex
Like a snapshot, I can only look back
For this day, this second is on another world half a decade in the past
My old life has left...
And yet ...
I’m still here

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did this in year 7. (:

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Names of Fall

My thoughts

All together,
Goes well.
Fall is Autumn.
In October and November.

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Nature Poems

A beam of shy light
Caressed her cheek
As she sat under her
Oak tree
Leaves of many colors
Fell all around her
And made a circle
It was autumn yet again
A cool breeze brushed
The soft, brown hair
From her bright, young face
The face of Mother Nature's daughter
Smiling, shining
Sent to Earth to bring
Beautiful color
And happiness
To our world

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some autumnal poetry from long ago.

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Autumn leaves falling

Brown gold and green

Such a pretty sight

One rarely seen


The sun is setting now

The sky is orange and red

A few stars are out early

This is a perfect night to be wed


Twilight is here now

The sky is dark and yet it is light

More stars are out now

What a fantastic sight


This is autumn

A beautiful season

Take a look at the sky

You needn’t a reason



Written on

September 25, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about autumn.

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By, Oskar N.
November 15, 2010

It is a time of cold,
A time of love,
A time of brown,

Where does the time lead you,
It is up?
Is it down?
November is a curious time,

Families get together,
While others drift apart,
Only time will tell,


Where does it end?
In time of joy?
In time of sorrow?

Birds stop chirping,
Animals start to hibernate,
And Humans?
Humans start to bundle up for the cold months ahead.

Christmas is right around the corner,
But first we have to deal with the joy of Thanksgiving.

And this is why November is a month happiness.

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