We traveled to the mountains to watch the eclipse

and both of us were thoroughly enthralled.

So we decided to remain in the mountains

as Summer’s luster surrendered to Falls.


We were gone from Florida when Irma came calling…

safe and secure in our warm mountain nest.

glad we missed what came to be known…

as a huge, nasty and unwelcome guest.


But Irma found her way to the mountains.

She came knocking on our front door.

By this time she was not quite as mean as she once was…

In fact she was kinder and gentler than before.


Oh, she still took away all of our power

as she arrived in the mountains that day…

leaving us only to listen to her rumble

as we watched the whole forest a-sway.


And it was mesmerizing to watch

as Irma made her advance…

How she filled all the trees with rain water…

How the music of her wind made them dance…


Every tree was dancing in unison

and as we watched them…we delightfully found

some leaves began breaking away from the trees…

cascading gently down to the ground.


The wind continued…the rain never stopped

more leaves and more leaves fell…

The sky…bursting with leaves…was enchanting…

and we found ourselves under her spell…


Yes, while we sat there watching nature

as we did with the eclipse…feeling small…

We realized this was just Irma’s way…


of ushering us into the Fall.

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Autumnal Equinox XLIX A.S.

Seasons In Hell




Autumnal Equinox XLIX

As The Devil's Fog creeps in, we enter into Season Belial with quaking hooves rising up from cavernous depths, coinciding with heartbeats running with the passions of the Strong and the fears of the weak.


The shadow of Samhain sweeps the land with dreadful shapes, bringing nefarious joy to the children of darkness; while the herd glimpse but a season into the shadow side of their hidden minds, made manifest through necromantic reflections.


The flames of Hell reveal secrets lain occult, enlightening those who seek the mysteries of the black earth, marvels to behold, burning in mind and body, purifying with carnal bliss. The Season of The Beast yields a cornucopia of delightfully sinful pleasures for those who take The Devil's hand, the carnal blessings of the flesh. Pleasures and treasures, tricks and treats to have and to hold.


Leaves blown from skeletal trees in the cool, sweetly burning winds of timeless evocation, enhancing the Magic flow, as Baphomet's eyes glisten in the candle light, amidst the music of the eternal night. ∞




Shemhamforash! Hail Satan! So It Is Done.

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
Autumn Equinox, XLIX Anno Satanas

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