It's Not Easy Being A Bunny

Unpublished pieces

It's not easy being a Bunny
             when everyone around you is a frog.
And the Nic, nack, paddywhack won't
                           give anybody a bone.
A bone, there's the image.
Solid white memory
                                     of a body that
                                                    used to contain it.
It and many others, many others and it.
Vitality renewed. Vitality restored.
It's not easy being a Bunny
                  when every other demon
                                     is alive and well.
Correction needed, needing correction.
Moulding, shaping, terraforming.
Begin the play, enter the actors.
                           Prance and dance around the stage
                            like jumping Minotaurs
                                             erected around the stable.
A vocal chord erupts. A sound begins.
It shrills and calls and capitulates,
                 hurts and bleeds and stipulates,
that every Bunny in the chicken coop
             must be processed as soon as can be.
It's not easy being a Bunny
                    when everybody plucks your
                                           fur out of your body.


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