Unopened Hearts To Conceal The Pain


Many desire me for looks and grace

Looking only at my body and face

A very few have seen within

And seen the pain locked in

Most of who have run away

Not wanting to be hurt during their stay

I am so very afraid you see

To let many people see the real me

So I spread my heart through many people

None of them truly know me, not any of those people

I can’t let you see inside my soul

For it is guarded and money cannot pay the high toll

I know you have given me your heart

I had it from the very start

Even still I can’t let go of everything

I have fallen many a time and have broken my wings

Without my wings I cannot fly nor open my doors

Even if I wanted to let you see my pain and sores

I know you love me as I do love you too

Be not upset when I push you away like I sometimes do

Just understand my faults and mind not my mood swings

Soon enough the clouds shall pass away and birds shall sing



Written on

April 24, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one I wrote as a warning to all those who wanted to be with me, and the one that was wth me at the time.

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