Torn Between Light And Dark

Dark Poetry

Torn Between Darkness and Light.

A heart that's half dark, and half light.

Which one to turn to, which one is right?

Once chosen, you can't change.

Everything will be settled, and you can't rearrange.

Either a life full of light, or a life full of dark.

You can't choose both, so don't go on a spark.

Choose carefully because the other will disappear.

Being torn between the two, is nothing more to fear.

Both lives will be opposite, one good and one bad.

But once it's over you'll dream of the life you could've had.

Everything will be different, once you choose.

No matter what you gain, you still lose.

Between the two sides, your stuck in the middle.

Which one to go to?

What is the answer to this riddle?

There are only two choices, but which one is right?

Everyone can usually decide, but what happens,

when your torn between darkness and light?


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