My Flower..

Your the flower..I could kiss..your tender pedals..would be bliss..

The smell of you..I dream to be there kissing..all of you..

Take you slow..through the night..have you it right..

All your sweetness..hold your close..give my all..I don't boast..


Loving you..all the my flower..everyday..

You so soft..I could do..make you happy..feel good too..

Kissing you..ooh so slow..take my would go..

All your love..all over so, so pleased..


This is what..I want to do..put my love..deep in you..

Make you smile..Im that you down..night and day..

I don't hold back..I never do..just pour my love..deep in you..

Holding me..tight you see..give my all..set you free..


Thinking of you..I move big..ooh so it is..

Having you..there for me..doing what..I love to see..

All of me..all over what I like..I want to do..

Watching you..take him in..turns me sweet friend..


Its so your all..that you got..

All your love..running through..all over him..out of you..

ooh so would lay back..let me see.. 

How you love..the way you do..all the cum too..


Watching you..hear your sounds..mmm so good..this I found..

My sweet friend..this I send..dreaming of you..doing him..

All the way..I will stay..let you watch me..while I play..

This is what..I'ld like to do..watching you..make love too.. 

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My Flower

Great poem.