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Hey!! My name is Cristin! I'm new to this site.. so im just seeing what this has to bring. I'm not really much of a writer but maybe i can bring out the best or worse cases in my life.. Who knows..... Anyways I'm about to be 21! Im excited.. Im very outgoing,nice,kind,sweet,caring,full of life, anything you want to know about me let me know!!

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Haha this is funny! this site is asking about my naval.. I thought it was a joke at first but that is too funny.. yea i bet people can really have fun with that question at least if they have a sense of humor.. my naval it is round.. oh yes people round or more oval who knows.. i dont really look at it that closely!! You could find another world in there.. lol okay thats enough next!!!

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Love like you have never loved before.. For tomorrow may never come. And if tomorrow doesn't come at least you can tell your self.. You did love like no tomorrow... I just made that up i dont know if there is that quote or not..


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