Waiting for you

Waiting for me

Waiting for Abba's

Perfect will


Waiting for love

Waiting to see

Waiting for your touch

You holding me


Waiting to hold you

Waiting to be held

Waiting to hug you

Holding your hand


Waiting for clarity

Waiting for empowering

Waiting for the anointing

The holy bonding


They that wait on the Lord

Renew their strength

Their expectations are met

Yes, I'll wait for my God

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Mismatched is my mind.

Alone in the quite, as birds sing the blues.

The sky changes color as time consumes the

ocean of my mind, and never lets the flower


Mismatched is my mind.

A knock is heard on the door, but he's not

awake enough to hear. The quietness only

becomes louder every second the clock ticks


Mismatched is my mind.

The coffee on the counter steams away,

becoming nothing but dark liquid that

doesn't have the desire to be drunk

anymore. The milk made it's way to the top,

and sat in utmost peace or perhaps as a


Mismatched is my mind.

The desire of everything washed away, as he

rests on the bed, internally weeping away.

The phone keeps on ringing but he is too

busy counting each tick passing away.

Mismatched is my mind.

Constantly reminding me how there is no

one who can see, because of the veil which

covers the hearts.

Mismatched is my mind.

Where the closest people to me only know

how to misunderstand me, so I sit tapping

my finger tips and holding onto a string of

hope that may not fail me.

Mismatched is my mind.

What happens next, I don't want to see. I

can't be dependent on anyone, not even me.

Mismatched is my mind.

Where God only sees, and the rest stay blind 

as the time ticks further-

Mismatched is my mind.

Life is already leaving. When it has left,

perhaps they will wake from sleep.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A freestyle poem, that has a touch of sadness in it.


"Waiting for the light of day

to rise and give its warmth,

to guide.

Waiting for the rooster's call

leading all the children to


Waiting for salvation to be

sold and sin without guilt or


Waiting for this day to end

and welcome night again—

waiting for love, but they

only come in three.

Waiting for Jesus to set me

free, leave my soul alone,

and let my spirit soar below

where the fire burns and

thirst never quench.

Waiting to die again; be born


waiting, waiting, waiting for


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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It goes from the radiance of the sun into the darkest hour
Mortified of my presence lingering through these hollow spaces
I'm a snowflake on your cheek, the burning flame within those eyes
Born walking upon thin ice, always hoping for a fall into frigid water
But there’s still a pulse within this petrified heart and I need to survive
What time in life will let us be, maybe one day it will let us see?
Certainly lunacy has a hold on me; if it were so, rather than her, I'd take that fall
You don’t deserve pain, let me clear your tears, embrace your fears
freely stay the enemy when i know its time to go or maybe perpetually stay true for only you
You hear my plea and try to forget me; in agony I'd tempt to regret the name only in vain
Oh love, you cruel demon, take what you want but set us free, sadly that cannot be
Plunge in the depths of a bottomless abyss, motionlessly utter darkness bids my course awry
Look at me my sun, stare at yet another victim who imprudently aspires to alter tragedy into light
Who does she meet the sunrise with, who other than her to share an endless summer haze with
We’re falling in this wonderland, one wish at a time we breathe our candles out
One dream, one life, to be near your warmth, your hypnotic once a lifetime eyes
Foolishly wait for you, as the winter snow silently comes falling over us  

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As you
pass this way
rest awhile under
life's shade tree
Leave some foot-
prints for me
I'll search for you
in eternity.!

 copyright heather burns

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