attempted suicides

You find god in the strangest places

I found god that day,
And in the strangest way.

Hiding in a friend that's given up hope,
Just days away from submitting to the rope.

"I have a plan" she would say.
"A plan to take all my pain away!"
"In a few days I'll be able to fly,
Because along with me, the weight of my burden will die!"

She just looks at me and smiles,
though I see she's trying not to cry.
Her stare just goes for miles,
And, I know I already asked, but all that comes out of my mouth is "...why?"

Then she breaks.

"You know what I did!" She begins to sob,
"I've never been loved, I've always been just a selfish snob!"

And as I try to deny the deeds she's claimed she's committed,
She doesn't hear a word. Defeat lies in her eyes,
She's already submitted...

And... I don't know what you would do if you we're in my place,
But, I kinda ran out of options sooo... I smacked her across the fucking face...

"If you die, your burdens just become one for another!"
"Think of your mother!"
"Your family your friends, all that just ends!"
"And you just want to throw it all away?"
"You really are a snob."
"So go ahead, just sit there, sulk and sob."

Then she finally looks up as if in her head is playing amazing grace,
And that's when I found it.
On that day, I found god in the expression on her face.
An expression of hope, of a second chance, like heaven just threw down a rope.
And while covered with tears, it was so bittersweet.
She then showed me a true smile and rose to her feet.

I found god that day.
That was the day I started to pray...
Heh, isn't that just the most peculiar way?

-The Hope (R.I.P)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I honestly wish I could still pray but I realized there's no god out there willing to hear me.

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My Friend Needed Me

My friend needed me
the other night,
but I was asleep.

I found out,
the next afternoon,
something that made me cry.

My friend needed me
the other night,
but I was already asleep!

She told me,
the next afternoon,
that she had
attempted suicide.

I feel horrible,
what if she had
gone ahead with her suicide,
I would have failed her as a friend!

My friend needed me,
the other night,
but I was already asleep.

I gave my friend
KUTO's number,
so if there's a next time,
she has someone she can call.

My friend needed me,
in her time of great need,
and I wasn't there for her,
but for now on,
I will be!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about my friend. I the first stanza and a half the other day, and just now got around to finishing it!
Please let me know what you think!

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