The Dog’s Curvy Tail!

Why is the dog’s tail curvy?

Why is not strait entirely,

As that of the cow?

I want the answer now!

It is a difficult question,

I have know suggestion,

I do not know anything,

About the dog’s tail-thing!


You should know it!


At least a little bit!

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day off




a rumpelstiltskin-esque slumber,




              awakens me,


a barefoot stance, 

      stretching dance,





to the kitchen 


checking mail,

    the percolator accompanies







   a yawning



life is good.


10:50 PM 7/7/2013 ©


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The Attempted Escape

The Attempted Escape

Bolting towards the open feilds trying to elude its grasp
Running wildly past the trees attempting to resist its painful clasp
Hoping it wont capture me as I race through the night
Carelessly leaving a trail; keeping me in its line of sight
Glancing back; seeing it is still on my tail
Realizing that it would take my mind and eventually prevail
Exhausted and now staggering, I cannot run anymore
Losing my will to resist, quickly hitting the dirt floor
My mind is now invaded and my thoughts now forgone
Being dragged back with it, failing to have pressed on

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