The Doe


A beautiful doe,
grazing in the forest.
She steps out
into a ray of sunshine.
A breeze blows the smell
of the forest, towards her,
and she looks down
at her curious fawn.
The buck of the herd
is nearby in the grassy field.
The doe nudges her fawn
towards the buck,
and watches her
fawn run to her father,
jumping across the field.
The pain!
The doe staggers,
and tries to run,
run away from the pain,
and to her fawn!
But no,
she falls,
calling out a warning
to the rest of the herd.
They all run,
and she has saved them,
saved them from the same fate as she,
For now.
The last sight
this poor mother sees,
before she dies,
is of her fawn,
stopping, looking back,
and crying out
for her mother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deers may be thought of as nuisances, I still hate it when people go out to hunt them. I'd rather they be killed by something that actually NEEDS the deer meat. Not like most humans who hunt them, to stuff the damn heads and HANG THEM UP! That's truely just WRONG! It really shouldn't be allowed!

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