Chanting Birds: Flowing Fountains



Ugonna Wachuku 



Show me the land and soul of your
dreams. Show me landscapes and
beauty in your heart. Show me new
moons and new planets. Show me
streams and rivers where lofty
life-giving water abides.


Show me scars of the loving
Lamb of Calvary: Tell me there
is love in your heart. Tell me
you do not smile and pretend to
love when you see me. Tell me
you remember me when I am not
in your presence. Tell me you
are not a hypocrite. Tell me
your love is real and abiding.


Tell me you are not a back-bitter.
Tell me why you should be called
human. Tell me your are not wicked.
Let me know that you want me to
live, breath and survive this
journey through life.


Let me know that you respect the
colour of my skin because I have
respected yours from beckoning
beginings of time. Tell me, you
will always be there for me;
even when dark clouds gather
for storm.


Tell me that my life is worthy
to you. Let me know why you do
not see my humane worth and
dignity of the spirit. Let me
embrace your caring spring and


For once, let me see you smile.
There is no bill to pay. IRS
won't be on your neck howling.
Then, let me know your wish:


Let me be there for you. Let me
calmly take you to my beautiful
meadow land where chanting birds
give hope and peace for life -
My meadow land of the living
where chanting birds give
loving voice to fresh
flowing fountains and
creative meadow lands
for love and charming
cherishment amongst


Then, let these flowing
fountains and chanting
birds light up your day








patriciajj's picture

I commented on this years

I commented on this years ago, from my old site, and I love it as much today as I did then. Such a heavenly touch in your words, such a connection with all that is Devine and eternal. Thank you for returning! You were missed. 

ugonna's picture

Re: "Such a heavenly touch in your words..."

It's so kind and inspiring of you, Patricia. I am so grateful for your abiding cherishment of: Chanting Birds: Flowing Fountains. Heaven's healthy blessings to you and family, this 2020 Decade and always, my humane sister in our same-red-blood human family, earthwide. Please, be safe. Keep Faith. Shalom. Ugonna: 

Karyn Indursky's picture

This is a fabulous, beautiful, insightful poem. You captured our need as human beings to be loved, respected, appreciated, wanted, needed, cared for, thought of, and so much more. You also showed how your love is willing to be shared when you know she loves you back and are willing to share everything with her. That's how the rest of us work, too. It's amazing how when you write about yourself you can show the depths of others.

Patricia Jones's picture

I'm back at your site, enjoying the journey. I see you have quite a fan club here, and it's no wonder. This is spectacular. You have a talent for conjuring up the most heavenly images and using these to illuminate your deep messages. The result is a brilliant tapestry that wraps around your soul.

starlite_angel's picture

Ugonna, A very powerful and heartfelt writing. I wish I knew more people who spoke out so strongly. Your an amazing person,not to mention writer.
"Today I see a man so pure
A man of whom provides a cure
We are both equal, both you and me
And from your truth, we all can be free"

Peace and so much love.
Take Care.
Thinking of you always.
Yours truly

Helen Schmidt's picture


This is a beautiful, spiritual, heartfelt poem. These are lovely, caring, accepting and thankful words. What a serene and hopeful scene you have created with your poetic words, Ugonna! It was a pleasure indeed to read this fine piece.


Cathy Choffin's picture

Thank you for including me. Your poem is absolutely beautiful. You ask for no more than you are willing to give, tender and compassionate. Nice feeling to your work.
Thank you again for sharing this wonderful poem.

charisma's picture

Once again you amazed me with your beautiful poetry.
thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

Donna Allard's picture

Its beautiful!

gentle's picture

Is it a wish? A dream? A fantasy? That we wish for man to understand man. That color, race, creed or religion, does not change a man, but, makes him uniquely unto himself.

That this is what seperates man from the animal - the right to choose to be individuals.

It is so strange that we do not distinguish a white cat from a black cat because of the color of the fur. Why is it we seperate a man because of the color of his skin.

When will we see that we are one & the same?

Only God knows...

Well said. Well done. I also enjoyed the structural flow of the verses. It joined each line together as one complete thought. This style is unique & was extremly enjoyable to read.


Gentle is the night♥

meso's picture

The search for unconditional love is universal,we desire to unravel the skin of hypocrisy and burry it `forever`.Thank you for keeping me posted, my friend.


Lorraine Reutter's picture

Oh! Ugonna this is beautiful ...what I hear is much the way I feel too...I think like you say show me you are human...but the sad part is all are not...If you get a chance read my God Bless America? and United Nations... I think the respecting a person for the color of their skin starts with parents and the way they teach their children starts from infancy...Thankyou once again for your beautiful poem ...Lorraine :)

Mona Omar's picture

very vivid and enchanting read awesome :)

myrataal's picture


To sing a fountain
and to reap a river
and to send the sound
of the Gurgle
with the four winds
to the four corners
of this Universe!

To love a Love
as clear as this:
to write Oblivion
with its own Verse ...


Misty Lackey's picture

It is good to be back here again reading some of your new work. I must say you have done it again, wrote another nice poem to read that reaches into the soul.
Well done,
Misty your cool poet

Lesa Gay's picture

Dear Ugonna,

Thank you so much for inviting me to your site to read your new work. It is beautiful, as everything that I have read here. Such a caring spirit you have for your fellow man. It is evident in all that you post and also in your comments that I see in the various sites I visit. You are a living testimony for all you believe and I admire you very much for your caring. A wonderful place you describe here. ~Lesa~

Mary Charest's picture

I feel the love! If there is anyone who cannot see the beauty of your soul, then they are indeed blind. May we all look beyond the exterior shell to explore the inner self.

This is where everlasting peace lies. Sending unconditional love to you, my friend.

Betty Hattersley's picture

You have such a gift Ugonna. You share your love, words and feelings with us all. That important person who put a beautiful package together......was so special. You are one very beautiful man. Thank you

Angela Albee's picture

this was a beustiful realistic poem. I liked it alot...well done...:)

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

A+, and like the ANNIE L~ song.Sweet dreams are made of these wonderful words you chose and layed down so sweetly

Ernest Bevans's picture

My friend,

The ultimate poem is one that is universal. This is such a poem.

But This poem goes one step beyond the naturalist and humanistic sentiment that dwells in the heart of all good men and mystics. This poem connects with me on a writers level as well; for in my dreams i once wrote a poem as beautiful as this - and it has all been forgotten till now.

Beatiful to be able to write and live in another poets soul. Keep writing Ugonna - Keep the faith.


pudnsis1's picture

Chanting Birdds, Flowing fountains. Amazing. You have me reaching down to the bottom of my soul and I found love. Love for you,love for your words of truth that you are sharing, love for God, who has guided me in so many ways. Thank you for being here and thinking of me as a friend. Love and Peace, Linda.

tylerbaptiste's picture

WOW, that is just amazing man. it brings about all the questions of peace and hatred withen all of our hearts.
keep it up. :)

vjochum's picture

Dear Ugonna,
You are every bit as beautiful as your writing of Chanting Birds, Flowing Fountains.
To me, I don't care what color your skin reflects. I could hold you for a lifetime and love you as long. It is the beauty of your soul which grabs my heart and holds me captive. Oh my dear friend, you are as gentle as the Lamb Himself. Sometimes I believe it is He who cries through you. It is your dream songs and life desires which I still hold in my own heart and hope that one day, we will go there.
For all the times you've stood by me, for all my fears you've helped me to rationalize, for all the times my faith weakend you always find the time to reach me and give me strength. Whether it be by phone, letter or poetry my world is a better place because of you.
For all that you are, I love you Ugonna.

onelilartist's picture

Ugonna, you have done it again. I never read your poetry but that I see the Christian heart and Calvary's fountain flowing from the throne of God. Thank you for considering me worthy to see your first works. God bless you, my friend.

allets's picture

How delightful

I have birds and fountains now to light up my day - thank you very much for the blessings - Just Being Stella