Thought We Were Friends

I thought we were friends,

you acted like

we were friends,

but now I just don't know!



Someone we both know,

someone who was first your friend,

told me about you.


She told me how you've

been talking about me.


You've been saying how

you're not fond of me.



Then you smile around me,

act like we're friends,

sending my head into

a tornado spin!



I get so confused,

don't know what to think,

don't know what to do.



I thought we were friends,

but maybe we're not,

maybe I'm just a friend of the moment...




I've been here

each time you need me,

needed me to be there for you.


And once in a while,

you're there for me

when I need you...




I don't know what

I'm supposed to do...


I don't know what

I'm supposed to think...



I don't know what

I'm supposed to feel...



I thought we were friends...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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I wrote this because I found out through a mutual friend, that the girl I thought was my best friend has been talking about not being fond of me behing my back...

This is the 3rd friend I've had who's like dropped me..

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