The Nine to Fiver

Tick, tick, tick,
Tick tat, tick tat, tick tat,
Giggle, giggle,
Cough and wiggle,
Work Towards the Status Quo...
Maintain the Status Quo ...
exceed the status quo?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem while working at my dead end job where all I am considered is a number with a daily quota to finish.

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Nine Hour Hum

This is the housed professional that envelops day to day,
complete with foreign coffee mugs
that denote a person's age.

My enclosure has three walls, none of which imprison
or echo breaths or words or calls,
beyond my own derision.

And when I need a ladder to climb from 'neath fluorescents,
there is a door that goes by card,
with knowing bulb candescent.

The handle is a question mark on this caffeinated tankard.
It scolds me raw with rising steam,
and leers with spices haggard.

It insists I am an older man despite my tragic youth.
Its years I've yet to cultivate,
their wisdom yet imbued.

But it keeps me woke and wary of the passing workplace fellow,
their baskets filled with sugared filth
that cater to my mellow.

I'll take it to the cafeterium and say hello while going,
content with thoughts of politics
in offices worth strolling.

There I will converse anew with friends and strangers still,
happy with my hoodie on,
and trying not to spill.

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2010-2012 Poems

Rain pours down, droplets glide
Forming crystal-like patterns
On the gloomy glass window
Where I rest my weary head on.

Bokehs of green lights,
Red glares on rear bumpers.
Yellow suns at night, gleam.
I squint at the creaking wipers.

Strobing lightning, growling thunder,
Snobbed by the busy road.
People chattering behind, in all languages...
I close my eyes, oblivious.

I feel the Earth spin so fast as I sit still.
The seconds of my life tick.
Purpose. Mission. Calling.
I brace myself...exhale.

Doing a lot, but missing a lot.
You can't have it all.
But deep inside, you have a strong sense-
Why this is what you are living for.

Dreams. Passion. Happiness.
All the roads lead to where I am.
Here and we go.
Sometimes, you just wonder--if it's all worth it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c)jerlin 21Oct11 --7.28pm (on the bus,KL)

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When Wizards Get Drunk

They dance
Twirling and shining in gowns
of purple and sequins
That float all around

Their strange-wedged shoes; glasses
and wands hats and bugs
Exciting, enchanting
Their cauldrons brew fun

And MUSE slowly turning
she's sipping on wine
Laughter more contagious
than in sober minds

The lights are a-dancing and
mist's in the air
this spell so enchanting
such freedom is rare

Til Monday it comes
They are back in their suits
Their black shoes, briefcases
with faces as mute

The muse she is typing
and downing caffeine
Checking her email
with daydreams obscene

That fun in a bottle
and put on a shelf
Can't break it or sip it
Til says weekends' elf

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My Personal Faves

slippery, unclean
and i can't scratch i wont!


professional perfect happy

figured out -

this specific culture controls
unfavorably, unfitting
escape i , i...

a plane can take me away from monotony
new eyes,
tongues and bodies
no new humanity
all of humanity
is one
each individual struggles
with the sameness of their own soul
their biases, weaknesses
do I learn from them?
seek new experiences and hope to grow?
does anyone really grow and change
does my willingness to ask display immaturity and childish behaviors?


i want to sing on my roof naked when the sun comes up
and goes down
and go down
and go down
and go down
on my boss
in public
in private

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Busy Cafeteria

This is a cozy wicker basket,
made for resting businessmen.
Nearby, there is putting to be done;
that is, if one can set aside
their sense of absurdity.
Sun is allowed entry from above
and it makes things warmer here.
The trees that someone planted
are happy and content in tiled boxes
and laugh as the storms outside
fail to ruffle their leaves.
They are granted drink and cover
and return the gesture with clean air
that gets recycled by the hustle
and busy-bodied patrons.
The atmosphere is thicker here,
but only with the approach of transaction.
Those passing through, who aren't here
to clean, are here to push further.
With every success, a new venture,
undertaken in the name of progress -
but not before getting a bite to eat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Break Room Cloud

Afternoon comes rolling in off the wake of the morning commute.
We've settled in some hours before and will settle out to move.
I find myself in the company of a pretty, older soul,
and divining her amidst the cues, so subtle and controlled.
She gives me words and smiles with a radiating glow
that has a certain presence and a voice that's all its own.
Her expression and the looks she cast will softly reign on down
a judgment of the me and mine and the way I wear my frown.
My worth debated, my looks accounted, my sights and sounds alike
may put her off or fascinate, or simply be decried.
But all the matter is the moment of which we chose to share,
and after lunch, we won't know much, but it's enough for us to bear.

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A few notes On Hernia Symposium

An interesting day has drawn to an end

Still confused, how a surgeon can mend

A simple hernia, an enigma so basic

Even google offers thousand solutions on a click

Devices,  plugs, or a simple stitch for umbilicus

Or just put a mesh to avoid the fuss

TEPPS, TAPS, the age old Leichenstein

Thank you all that suits me fine

Tailor according to your needs

Remember, the patients’ wishes supersede

Formulas, filaments, fibres and complex jargon

The search for the ideal mesh goes on

There is no dearth to what we can achieve

Only if the powers (mangers) above us believe

Thank you Ethicon for “the future of hernia repair”

Was discussed, debated and laid bare

Now we go on our separate ways

What we learnt, we pass to others I pray

Shehzad Latif


(composed during lunch break)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Recently attended a hernia symposium. At the end of the conference i summed it up in verse. Everyone loved it. Hope you enjoy it too.

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A Goal

With only a stone

This dwelling began

One on top of another

Working day after day

The end always in mind

The result is guaranteed

Given time


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