There once was a time

I open my eyes waking from my sleep,

I step into dreamland when I plant my feet.
After slipping out of bed with her,
I kiss my son and neither stirs.
Both sleeping soundly under the roof of our home,
Their minds dance in dreams and their never alone. 
I know their safe left with our wow wow,
If anyone enters their met with a growl.
As I get ready for work I listen for the creak,
Of our bedroom door hoping to hear her speak.
The mornings she wakes at the crack of dawn,
Make my heart sing a million love songs. 
The day goes by with a huge smile on my face,
Knowing she'll be there when I get back to this place.
When I arrive home the house glows with joy,
"Dada" rings out from the lips of my boy.
I am finally there where I belong,
At home with my wife and our boy so strong.
All this possible because of a kiss,
The mornings she wakes early and puckers up her lips.
It's all I need to push harder each day,
God I love her in every way.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was the first proem I ever wrote. Nobody.... but her... has ever read it. I am no professional poet, in fact I struggle to find the word's to speak sometimes. But when I wrote this the words just flowed out of my soul. My inspiration for this came one morning when she woke to kiss me goodbye when I was leaving for work. So beautiful, she really is the stuff dreams are made of. She has since moved on and I am struggling to accept it. I'm just a boy in love with a girl. 

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ljmills's picture

If this is really your first

If this is really your first attempt at poetry...well done!

Aaronshane's picture

This was in fact my first

This was in fact my first piece. Nearly everything I have written has been a waterfall of words through my 10 min coffee break. Just had to format my hard drive to make space for new thoughts. I overthink everything and it makes me anxious, if I write it down... For some reason it helps. Peotry really isn't my style, I work metal and ride motocross. It just happened somehow... One day I wrote this. Then the next day another... And another... So on. Thanks for your support :) things are so different in my life now, I have found my groove in life.