Comparing VoIP Providers For Your Home Or Office

Looking for a Jive Phone or similar product is something that you should do when you believe that you can improve your phone service, save money, and get better options with your phone service. You should use the steps below to get a better phone plan that you know will work for you, and you must have a look at all the providers out there because they are all slightly different. You need to get a good phone, better service, and the confidence that comes with a good product.



1. Choose The Right Phone

You should choose the right phone when you are looking for a much better VoIP provider. These providers often have their phones, and they will sell you these phones when you sign up for their service. They will talk to you about how you can attach the phone to the service, and they will tell you what might be your best phone option. You should be sure that you have selected the best phones based on what you think is best, and you also need to see if you can get the company to give you a price on the phones that drops when you buy in bulk.



2. Choose A Better Plan


You can get a very nice VoIP plan that is very simple, and you will notice that you have the option to pick a plan that seems cheaper based on how many minutes you need. You could get an office plan, or you could get a plan that is just for the house. You might get a phone that will go anywhere with you, but you need to be sure that you have the phone connected to the Internet. It is going to be very hard for you to get on any calls if you cannot get a solid connection. Remember this minor point when you decide to switch over the VoIP. This plan only works for people who know that they can be connected at all times.



3. Where Is Service Offered?


The service is typically offered in a limited number of places, and these services make it much easier for you to get the best possible options. You might plan to use the plan because you are in the center of their service area, or you could use the plan because you have a good Internet signal that you know will make calling easier. You can actually plug your office phones on the wall, or you could purchase a phone that will work wirelessly in your office. Make sure you have a good router and remember that the only way to make this happen is to ask if you are in a good service area.



4. Lower Prices


VoIP is going to be much cheaper than whatever you have now, and you will be pleased by the fact that you can buy something so simple as compared to the big phone companies that want to charge you a lot of money just to have a phone number. You could take your phone number with you, and you need to be sure that you have taken this chance to get the price that you believe is best. You can ask them to lower the price when you get a big plan, or they might have a seasonal deal that makes it possible for you to get the policy and afford multiple lines.



5. Business Plans


You can use business plans that will help you get all the minutes you need, and you will be much happier with the way that the business plan works because you do not feel restricted in any way. Someone who wants to purchase a business plan should be very careful to ask for the right number of minutes, and they should hold onto that plan until they outgrow the minutes they have been given.




There are a number of businesses that need a VoIP plan, and there are homeowners who will want to use VoIP because they want to get away from the phone companies that charge too much. You can change your life, and you will see the difference when your calls no longer get dropped.


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dear pro se plaintiff

What is clear to me
is that your
intention is not
the attainment of justice
but a soapbox
from which you can
unleash the vitriol
that's been skulking
about the dark hollows
of that conundrum
between your ears

Busy Life

The noise grows louder

And my head starts to swim

Sick anticipation moves under my skin

I can hear it echo

The babbles and rambles...


click,click, click,

A drumbeat in my ears

A constant nagging on my fears

Click, click, click

I have to go faster or risk tears


The drone continues one day into the next

Click,click, click

Is all she wrote, or at least, somebody said?

Gray walls climb around me higher and higher

Wonder if the Sun still shines on the other side.


Tap, tap, tap

My fingers feel like they're bleeding

My soul draining away with each stroke of the keys

Tap, tap, tap

I wonder, is that rain?

No, rain wouldn't make my hands sore this way


Ring, ring, ring

Ignore it-maybe it'll go away

Another noise to add to the symphony's array

Ring, ring, ring

Hello? Are you there?

I can't hear above the static in the air


Ring, ring, ring

I think I heard a roar on the line...

No sir, that's not suitable or required”

Then it goes silent- “Sir, are you on the line?”

Ring, ring, ring

Forget it, not worth my time


beep, beep, beep

Oh no...what is it now?

I can't see a thing and there's no light to be found

beep, beep, beep

I was just drifting off again

envisioning boats and fairies...and Link was there...?


I shoot up, looking around the room

Only to realize, I'd fallen asleep in my cube

Blast it all, back to the grind

Maybe today will be benign. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Nine Hour Hum

This is the housed professional that envelops day to day,
complete with foreign coffee mugs
that denote a person's age.

My enclosure has three walls, none of which imprison
or echo breaths or words or calls,
beyond my own derision.

And when I need a ladder to climb from 'neath fluorescents,
there is a door that goes by card,
with knowing bulb candescent.

The handle is a question mark on this caffeinated tankard.
It scolds me raw with rising steam,
and leers with spices haggard.

It insists I am an older man despite my tragic youth.
Its years I've yet to cultivate,
their wisdom yet imbued.

But it keeps me woke and wary of the passing workplace fellow,
their baskets filled with sugared filth
that cater to my mellow.

I'll take it to the cafeterium and say hello while going,
content with thoughts of politics
in offices worth strolling.

There I will converse anew with friends and strangers still,
happy with my hoodie on,
and trying not to spill.

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