Its state and posterity

Round and about this head spins

hours on a while, limbs move

to and fro through the shuffle of time

one sees great seas this way up

or down below, from the sea saw

where we breath for baluga whales

trained as they are to entertain wailers

though you were not worth it

and the dime lost its value

yours was a history forgotten


Sail low on the ship.

Breathe easy in sleep.

Walk straight right this way,

to where you need not speak.

If this isn't real then why?

Why are we standing here,

sitting there, walking here;


even sheep aren't stupid



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what do you do?

my fucked up head

those few moments of uncertainty that bring nothing dread and guilt,
those moments when the pull is to much and you just don't know what to do...
what do you do? ...
its like this unknown power that is calling out wanting you to do something anything...
you want to reach for that phone and make that one call that can change everything...or maybe nothing at all...
you sit there and try your best to will this feeling away because no matter what you know deep inside that somehow nothing will change
but still this feeling is sometimes so strong that you start to believe somehow they just have to feel it too ...
because...because its so strong you just want to cry because you feel so much and maybe...just maybe they feel it too...

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What I am.

Porcelain hands, legs, chest, face, and heart.
That is what I am.
Fragile, underestimated, overlooked.
Admired, but not loved.
Envied, and untouched.

Painted lips, dead eyes, no emotion, no voice.
That is not what I am.
Weak, empty, forgotten.
Looked at, yet seen right through.
Touched, without being felt.

I don't know what I am.
I am unseen, and unimportant.
Yet I am gazed upon, and held dear.
What am I?
A Doll?
A Trophy?
A Girl?
A Soul?
A Someone?
A Nothing?
Who knows.
Perhaps, I simply am, what I am.

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thoughts/comments appreciated.

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I Just Dont Know What To Do. . .

Sad Love Poems

funny how they love you right before you try to leave ;
wen u spent days argueing about the lies that u percieved ;
and at that same time u made secound guess that love that u made me feel ;
every secound and every moment made me think that it wasnt real ;
but its those days that we start to talk that makes me remember why i love u ;
we just get lost in each others heart and we feel like nothing can ever breakthrough
deep down in there so long that wen i come up the world seems a new ;
& yea at this moment my heart is not the same that part of me is true ;
cuz im scared to go back to the old us ; that old love that felt so taboo ;
& idk but it seems thats the love that u persue ;
but i still got those thoughts in my head thats making me stop & review
idk what to say except that this feeling is long over due ;
gotta make my decision now but dam ...
i dnt know what to do .. i just dont kno what to do.