I Just Dont Know What To Do. . .

Sad Love Poems

funny how they love you right before you try to leave ;
wen u spent days argueing about the lies that u percieved ;
and at that same time u made secound guess that love that u made me feel ;
every secound and every moment made me think that it wasnt real ;
but its those days that we start to talk that makes me remember why i love u ;
we just get lost in each others heart and we feel like nothing can ever breakthrough
deep down in there so long that wen i come up the world seems a new ;
& yea at this moment my heart is not the same that part of me is true ;
cuz im scared to go back to the old us ; that old love that felt so taboo ;
& idk but it seems thats the love that u persue ;
but i still got those thoughts in my head thats making me stop & review
idk what to say except that this feeling is long over due ;
gotta make my decision now but dam ...
i dnt know what to do .. i just dont kno what to do.