Why do we fight?
People being sent to their demise.
Doing something they feel is bigger than themselves,
Not realizing that death means no return.
Pity how people have such a difficulty creating peace,
Men becoming monsters they were never meant to be.
Murder, sacrifice and watching others suffer,
Watching their time in this world fade in haste,
Only tarnish the purest spirits.
Leaving the deepest scars that constantly remind them,
How they can never be the same from the cruelty of their past.
Seeking the lords guidance to cleanse their minds,
Trying to forget what has warped their minds.
The beast that has grown in their time of madness,
Can be caged just as easily as it had grown in the havoc.
Just because they were treated as animals,
Doesn't mean they're forced to become one.
You are who you are by your own judgment,
Break the cycle and show others,
The greatest peace is created in the ruins.
Making something out of nothing,
Thankful to be alive,
Appreciate what makes everything seem alright.

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