Boy Ascends

Was I born an empty thing to place within a set of rings?

I sought to love the man above but then I found my set of strings

The skins and stones and sticks and woes that set my mind a flurry

Will make such noise I can't avoid and set myself to scurry

I do intend to re-begin and squeeze a damsel with both hands

And when it's right I'll go inside and two will act as one again

But for now I'll stop to think and forget to eat a meal

And all that loss will just result in further sex appeal

I am not a hollow being, I came with mixed reserves

But to my guide I can't decide which purpose each one serves

So to command this problem and solve it for all time

I will release my all and wish for the proper to arrive

Thus when smoke has cleared and I'm exposed to all?

I will demand their greatest hand as I have breached their walls

And on their knees they will decree that I am what was given

To appease the Gods and increase the odds of man that lives in heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reach for the skyyyyyy.

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