grim reaper

Human racing

Human racing

By jfarrell


(inspired by Nik Kershaw’s “Human racing”)


We are all trying to get ahead of each other

To be the first, to be the best

To be the wealthiest


We look down on each other

And curse and hate and hurt

Anything to get ahead.


But that isn’t the race.

There is no finish line;

Coming first, doesn’t matter.


The race

Is what we are running from;

The tinkle of sand in the glass;


It’s autumn

The time for harvest

And his scythe is razor sharp and ever ready


The ancient rustle of fabric

The stale odour on the air

The breath on the back of your neck


THAT is the race.

Let’s go Human Racing.


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By jfarrell


Even the sand flowing through the hourglass

Echoes ‘tick-tock’,

When it lands.

He’s catching up; your time is running out.


I may be pressing ‘send’ on my phone;

The alarm on the timer says ‘beep, beep’

But its still ‘tick-tock’;

My, our, time is running out.


‘I’m a clockwork creep’; 10cc are so under-rated;

Clockwork; digital; psycho…

Us clockwork creeps; we all sing ‘tick-tock’;

As we press buttons that lesson our time.


Don’t look behind - just RUN!

You heard the ‘tick….’

Maybe you can run far enough; fast enough;

And not hear the ‘TOCK!’


I saw someone make it, once;

I saw someone dance through raindrops;

Drip-drip; Tick…… and POW!

Gone before I could ‘Tock’.


As a bomb, that’s very frustrating :-)

I wish you all rainbows, my friends :-)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

time ticks down