In The Blink Of An Eye

Love Poetry

Not a day went by that her heart didn't ache,

memories still drowning her soul in tears.

Her heart is bleeding, a past ripping her apart,

Waiting for a love to rebuild her dying world.

Everyday she cries, feeling empty inside,

building walls to save herself from the pain.

Writing poems of depression consuming her mind,

trying to release all that has built up over time.

Attempting to keep her grasp on reality,

looking for that reason to wake up each day.

Putting a fake smile on her face for everyone,

hiding the sorrow slowly devouring her soul.

Craving that shoulder to cry on every night,

instead left alone in a river of endless tears.

Giving up on the search for a soul mate,

tired of being hurt with every attempt.

Waiting for just a thoughtful message,

to know someone out there still gives a shit.

That day finally came, in the form of a poem,

a new friend giving her a reason to smile.

Opening her heart after keeping it all inside,

she pours her soul into a chance with him.

He's been torn apart before as well,

they have cried the same endless river of tears.

She feels her soul healing slowly inside of her,

to know that she's not alone in this world of hurt.

His smile suddenly becomes the light of her day,

he stole her heart within words of encouragement.

Making her feel like a human being again,

not just the girl of the week or month like before.

She realizes that she's falling in love again,

with the man she has been waiting for all her life.

This is the love everyone dreams about having,

the one they try to describe in love stories.

She feels it within every fiber of her being,

a love that's captivating her heart and soul.

The first time his voice fell upon her ears,

she confirmed the feeling growing deep inside.

He's consumed her mind with thoughts of him,

dreaming of lying next to him, staring into his eyes.

But with this new found treasure,

their comes a moment of sorrow in her heart.

The miles that separate them from each other,

as another tear slowly falls down her cheek.

She can only dream of being so close to him,

for that moment can't become reality yet.

Pouring into his soul, every word from her heart,

telling him of a deep longing to be with him forever.

Waiting for a few months, she could handle,

if he'd promise a life together for eternity.

He gave her the courage to face every day,

even if he wasn't at her side to hold her hand.

He would still be only a phone call away,

always there to hear what's on her mind.

Cradling her fragile heart within his soul,

she felt like she could fly up to the stars.

Months pass by within the blink of an eye,

the waiting has almost come to an end.

There's only a journey left for her to take,

the ride across those separating miles.

Soon she'd be in his arms for real,

being able to touch his face and hold him.

Her heart racing wildly within her chest,

unable to contain the excitement building inside.

With every turn, he grows closer,

she can almost see his smiling face.

The desire to taste his lips at last,

burning deep in her heart, almost there.

A few minor complications, but at last,

shes standing in his arms, feeling his love.

A real smile forms across her face,

the first one in a very long long time.

Through crowds of people they walk together,

one of her bags thrown over his shoulder.

As they reach the car, bags placed in the trunk,

he opens her door for her as she smiles inside.

Staring into his face for a moment,

almost losing herself within his brown eyes.

Off they go, to the palace that awaits her arrival,

though after the long ride here, shes tired.

Arms wrapped around each other at last,

as they ride the elevator to the ninth floor.

Tears welling up her eyes that she dare not shed,

this moment being the happiest of her entire life.

Through the door and into her new home,

surrounding her soul with the deepest love.

Her dreams all seem to be coming true at last,

all that shes ever waited for, is here.

Darkness covers the starry sky outside,

following her darling angel into their room.

Collapsing onto the bed, warm under the covers,

her arms slide around his body, holding him again.

At last, the perfect ending to her dreams,

falling asleep in the arms of her soul mate.

Moments only longed for throughout time,

have become the reality of her life at last.

**16 Months later, April 20th 2007, we are celebrating our second anniversary, two years together.  And I'd like to thank everyone whose ever impacted my life, because they've led me to where I am today. **

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