"They call him Quiet"

They call him Quiet!

Why did I volunteer my company to this king and think I could leave without feeling like his most prized possession?

How can I go from him being a foreigner to me; to immediately him being my obsession?

What was it he put in his stroke as he caressed my frame with the strength of a lion but the feel of cotton?

Why does this near stranger make my heart skip a beat effortlessly and seem to be the sweet apple in the barrel I thought was full of rotten?

Is it his shoulder span, his mountainous pecs, or his muscles of steel?

Or is it the sense of sincerity I see in his eyes or perhaps the security his touch reveals?

Inadvertantly the romantic in me whom was supposed to be extinct all of a sudden appeared!

Instantly I’m willing to conquer insecurities that once were over-whelmed and actively feared.

I have no idea what magic this fantasy man released that night or why I was his chosen object of affection.

It’s not often that I’m treasuring seconds as if they were moments to satisfy my mental erection!

Skeptisism is no opponent to passion and even more inferior to destiny!

Time will tell if he is my soul mate, in the mean time faith will continue to accompany me!

What was it about this man who mirrored so many others before him that put my permanent guards to rest?

Well truthfully and honestly; his actions spoke louder than his words, therefore proof that I am blessed!

By Bryant

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after meeting a very distinguished guy who's personality and spirit was soo welcomed considering a lot of previous dissappointments with dealing with men who's actions did not coincide with their words.

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