It's What You Do

It's 2 A.M.

And I'm sitting in my bed,

Thinking about this girl,

Who has been running through my head.

It's weird to know,

We started out as friends,

Now I hope we get together,

And our relationship never ends.

I remember when she first stepped out of the car,

I couldn't say a word,

Still stunned by her beauty,

The next few minutes were awkward.

I know you're afraid to be hurt again,

And I know it's going to take time,

But I hope that when your over him,

You will be mine.

I want you,I need you,

To be my lady,

It seems it would only be right,

For you to be my baby.

Im suprised,

I got this far,

Because writing this,

Is extremely hard.

It's hard to explain,

How I feel,

Especially knowing,

That these feelings are real.

Listen to me closely,

As I end this poem with something so very true,

No matter what happens between us,

Believe me, "I Love You!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For you Jessica!

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