Falling Into Heaven's Arms

Love Poetry

I cried my river of tears,

survived the years of loneliness.

Emptied my heart out for them,

gave them all the love i had.

Bled to know I still cared,

dreamed of better days.

Prayed for true love to find me,

to end my heartbreak.

Wandering through decades

looking for the one for me.

The angel from heaven,

God's gift to me.

I climbed to the mountain top,

gazing out into the stars.

screaming out his name,

please come to me.

Watching every passing face,

could I see it in his eyes?

Would true love pass me by?

I'll never give up my search.

Hoping that I hadn't already lost,

the one meant to be with me always.

In every dream I saw his face,

only to vanish with the morning light.

I cry to the heavens

for the touch of his warm embrace.

Craving love to hold me close,

and cherish me for eternity.

Running back to the highest peak,

to call out his name once more.

I fell from what seemed like heaven,

only to land within my true love's arms.

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