Slowly slipping,
Letting the darkness consume,
My eyelids grow heavy,
And I slip away.

Into a land,
Where anything is possible,
Where love is most important,
And adventure runs the world.

A land to be forgotten,
At the fateful time,
When my eyes open again,
And reality manifests again.

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I’m somewhere,

In a different time

In a different place


I’m somewhere,

A different feeling

Lost in space


I’m somewhere,

Caught in the midst

Of everything I know

In all that exists

My limitations grow


I’m somewhere,

Exposed and valiant

Bright eyes; knowing


I’m somewhere,

Trembling and fierce

Hearts on shoulders; showing





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The restless dead stir in the night
and creatures of shadow
loom over the cradle of living
standing tall under the moon's melencholy light

Along victorian hallways dark and drear
silent maddness slithering, creeps
saying mind not the creaking
there exists no danger here

In a distant void terrified cats weep and wail
and parents struggle for sleep
praying against the unknown
chilling the anxiety the wet kiss of hell

Forlorne homes shiver and shake
thier yellow eyes glowing
burning low in the darkness
in horror for the hosts of innnocence they are here to take

Screetching shutters violently wag to and fro
in hopes of saving the sleeping
to shoo away the sorrow
from the dark ones the dreaming do not know

Against small feet tongues of shadow delightfuly taste
crawling slowly hissing
into the soundless ears of
before the sunrises the dead must make haste

Whispers fade deep into the night
as creatures of the grave
slip from empty cradles of lonliness
occupied with love now filled with shrieking fright.

As the moon dies away beginning its long fall
the horrid moaning of terror
shall bellow long into day
the living left to wittness the restless shadow's eternal call.

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Feeling Sleepy

Feeling sleepy,

Not so happy,

Since all those sad thoughts,

Are tied in the mind’s sky like knots.


Circumstances don’t let me sleep,

But my mind does take a trip,

Into the empire of thoughts,

With positivity and negativity of course.


To its dome sleep endeavours to take me,

To turn me into its slave eventually.

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I dream as I was going to heaven
I dream of something sweet
I dream of dreams
I dream of waterfalls
I dream of sleep.


When I sleep, I lay,
When I sleep, I dream,
When I sleep, I think,
When I sleep, I wonder.


I wonder of adventures,
I wonder of dreams,
I wonder of the future,
I wonder of life.


I live to live,
I live to think,
I live to wonder,
I live to sleep,
I live to dream.


I dream to live,
I dream to think,
I dream to love,
But at the end, I dream to sleep.

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Don't Eat Welsh Rarebit!

I know what you want to order for dinner, Welsh Rarebit.

But if you order it again, I swear that I'll have a fit.

You sleep in the buff and the Welsh Rarebit makes you walk in your sleep.

As you walk through the neighborhood butt naked, the men always peep.

When you last ate Welsh Rarebit, you got your gun in your sleep and blew off two of my toes.

I cried like a baby as I called 911 because the Emergency Room was where I had to go.

I have a short fuse and if I blow my top in public, you won't like it.

But that's exactly what is going to happen if you order Welsh Rarebit!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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Death of Words

Words crowd my head

Tangling themselves

Just behind my teeth

Which bite them in half.

They die on my lips.

All my good intentions

Lie in ruins, wrecked,

Let me sink into the depths,

Let me slumber until

The end of time's beginning.

I long for numbing cold,

I tire of feeling,

Of feeling anything at all.



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Go to Sleep

Go to sleep


You are weakened

from the week and

you feel like you are in need of

a whole weekend

of good treatment

or just taking the whole week off!

your achievement

for the evening

is that now you can just dream of

anything that

you believe in

close your eyes and try to think of

an appeasing

memory and

that's the best therapy!


Don't count sheep,

just go to sleep

and dream of life how it should be

with your eyes closed

 you can see

anything easily!



When I close my eyes

I see to my surprise

the mind behind my blindness!

Where I can find good guidance!

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I want you for sex

I want your mind

I want to know your kids

I love the tats

“That put you to sleep”)



Written on 

October 1, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well, this was another one that it didnt work with.

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