Supertramp Blues (song lyrics/electric guitar

Song Lyrics

If you find yourself walking 


These same old crooked streets


the same old crooked dreams 


A mind that won't keep still


All you can feel is boots upon the road


not in a hurry to say that it's home 


You're so far away but everything's close


Your pocket watch broken but it never shows

When all you have is 

You're clothes in a sack 

 you're guitar on your back 

Following the tracks out of town 


You're clothes in a sack

You're guitar on your back

Making tracks out of town


I just might 


I might come back

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Down the tracks we could go

To meet on the rails

with another walking heel

sharing the sights and wonders

across the running of the steel


Could be a wonderful tune.

A fun thought to entertain as well.
Nice write. 

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Thank you sir!

You should come back!

sorry for the late reply

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The Road Warrior-Poet


Go get 'em! - Stella



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That’s me!

sorry for the late reply!

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Tarp on a cart


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im not sure I follow you, love.....but thanks for the read & sorry for the late reply 

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might be in the top ten next

might be in the top ten next week

ron parrish

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I tip my hat to you, sir...thanks for the read