"No Te Merecen"

Muchas personas me dicen como mis poemas los toca y cuanto se indentifican con ellos, me dicen que el amor no es perfecto en sus vidas y que sufren por eso, pues les digo que:

Merecer significa “hacerse digno de”. Expresiones como: “Te entiendo”, “Lo acepto”, “Lo disfruto”, “Me alegro” o “Tu amor es un regalo”, son manifestaciones de aceptación y buena recepción. Si una persona no aprecia lo que le doy, no lo comprende o no lo traduce, el amor se deshace en el camino, no da en el blanco y desaparece. Un amor que no llega es un despilfarro energético de grandes proporciones. Podríamos entenderlo del siguiente modo: “No puedo amar a quien no quiere estar conmigo. Si no me aman, no me respetan o me subestiman, no me merecen como pareja”.

Cuando damos lo mejor de nosotros mismos a otra persona, cuando decidimos compartir la vida, cuando abrimos nuestro corazón de par en par y desnudamos el alma hasta el último rincón, cuando perdemos la verguenza, cuando los secretos dejan de serlo, al menos merecemos comprensión. Que se menosprecie, ignore o desconozca fríamente el amor que regalamos a manos llenas es desconsideración o, en el mejor de los casos, ligereza. Cuando amamos a alguien que además de no correspondernos desprecia nuestro amor y nos hiere, estamos en el lugar equivocado. Esa persona no se hace merecedora del afecto que le prodigamos. La cosa es clara: si no me siento bien recibido en algún lugar, empaco y me voy. Nadie se quedaría tratando de agradar y disculpándose por no ser como les gustaría que fuera.

No hay vuelta de hoja... En cualquier relación de pareja que tengas, no te merece quien no te ame, y menos aún, quien te lastime. Y si alguien te hiere reiteradamente sin “mala intención”, puede que te merezca pero no conviene. asi que mi contestacion a sus preguntas aqui esta no digo que dejen de luchar sino que piensen bien si estan en el lugar correcto en sus proxima vez se vean realmente piensa si te merecen o no....

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My love…

My love have I given it to you freely, but you say that it is not enough.

My love have I shown you, but you say you see it not.

My love have I lain at your feet, but you kick it away as if it were rubbish.

My love have I carried to our bed, but you roll away as you grab your pillow.

My love have I offer all that I am, still I must offer you my soul.

My love have I dutifully cared for you, yet my commitment to you is none existence I am told.

My love have I exclaimed to all, but will not hear the words of love in return.

My love is just pushed aside as if it never existed; maybe, just maybe you are ashamed of my love for you.

My love…

Written 3rd Jul 09, in this Desert Sand of Afghanistan.

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forever black

For you to be happy

is what I desire

I think you'll be crappy

until I retire

I know I should leave you

cause you cant leave me

Ive lied and decieved you

yet still want us to be

I havent a clue

as to where we should go

If you get a notion

then just let me know

I know you dont trust me,

or want me alone

I know you dont lust me

or like when im home

I dont know what we need

we might need a break

but im scared that that might be

yet another mistake

As our water rises

we'll build our bridge higher

I'll pick up the slack

when you start to tire

I'll paint the sky black

when you need to sleep

kissing you softly

while i softly weap

finally blackness and peace shall take over

your troubles and worries are no longer sober

Intoxicated, mistrewn, caught up in your dreams

where nothing is normal or quite as it seems

inevitably, fading for daylight once more

but the pain will be lesser than the night before

for while you were resting

and feeling so safe

I was building our bridge high as heavens and space.

I'll build a dam, and more bridges and walls

blocking the water from making more falls

and if the sea rises to where we cant swim,

ill build us a boat and well float with a grin

the stars are above us,

the winds at our back

breezing us softly to forever black.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the term" black is used to dictate a state of peace. it is contrary to the popular socialism that black is to be entwined with "bad". in truth, "bad" and "goodd" are nothing more than a matter of personal opinion drawn fourth from ones perception

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Faint Pain


Insecurity's mask

Doubt's deception

Emerging from the dawn

Intruding light enters the rift

Words fly; tension burns

Waves of strain pierce through our core

Flashing rays haze a blear

Skin frail from its polished glare

Veiled eyes hide the vast sorrow

Life smeared crimson on ground below

No yell, nor scream, or muffled growl

Fate has reached this mortal soul

Displaced a spirit, cut out cold

Depart amidst an irrevocable blow

Observe the body lose its glow

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Because I Love you I cry,

Because I a am only human I ask why?

Because I don’t understand I place blame,

Because I miss you I feel pain.

Because your not here, I feel sad,

Because your gone, I get mad.

Because you never know how much you love some one before its to late,

Because people don’t  understand I get irate.

Because a mommy’s love never ends,

Because I can’t wait to see you again.

Because  no one will fully the pain I feel,

Because I am still learning how to deal.

Because some times broken hearts refuse to heal,

Because I miss you still.

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The world: "not as easy as it seems"

The world seems so easy when u first start off.

But then u see the truth in it all.

U see all the people for who they really are.

U see how it easy it is to lie

How much pain u have to go threw

And it hurts and makes u wish and pray

That god would kill u someday.

But you can’t say this aloud for every1 will say ur crazy

Then u will end up on pills with physiatrists and therapists

Staring and poking at you.

Dragging un wanted information out

But it’s not to help you

Its just cuz they want to stick u on some med,

Or in some place so they can get there pay.

But hey kid u will make it is all u hear,

That it will be fine,

That ur strong,

But all along ur tired.

Of hearing the same things over and over again

All you want is for people to stop talking

Cuz they don’t understand as well as they think.

They are so very nautive. And confused

They want to understand your feelings

But they cant and they wont give up.

Especially when they need to shut up.

I may be young, but im not stupid,

Nor am I immature I no what’s right N

I no what’s wrong. I no what can go wrong

But yet they treat me so young

Like I don’t know anything

When they have not lived my life,

And have they walked a mile in my shoes,

Nor have they seen the way in my eyes.

I have seen a lot for my age, but they don’t care

And I have to sit there and have then stare at me.

Cuz im soo different then all the rest

I have a mind and a mouth

And ill use it.

Im not afraid of the fight in this  world,

With all the demons. Cuz iv been threw it all

And Ill go threw it again

But this time

It wont be the same

I wont be hit.

This is the world and its truly hell.

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Heavy Burden

Tired of tryin? I'm tired of life! and what it has to give! sometimes i feel like i dont want to live!

feel like i carry the worries of the world..

and feel like when i bear the burden , i have no one to hold... reachin out no one's there.. i look around me lost in dispair.. reason to breathe? gasping for air..

looking for faith, popped to thin air,

struggling to cling, searching for a key,

is the answer that's GREAT still inside of me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

[1:16:55 AM]june 9, 2009

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The hole in my heart.

I once had a hole

inside my heart.

Were it would always bleed.

It would bleed for all the unkind words once, said to me.

Or for all the hits and screams

that were layed apon me.

It seemed as if i was ment to hurt.

Thats y my heart would bleed.

My childhood was quiet and sad

there were never many friends to be had.

I was differant and no one understood,

how much iv been threw.

They laughed and made fun and they always won.

But that was fine i lived on.

I went threw times, when family died.

and it made me always cry.

I always belived the hole in my heart

would continue to bleed.

Till the day it became you and me.

You made the hole that was once so deep,

not have to bleed.

You stoped the flow of blood

and closed it up with your love for me.

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Oh my sweet little baby

Oh my sweet little baby

There’s not a day I don’t think of you

Oh my sweet little baby

I’m not sure how I’m getting through

How do I deal with this loss that I feel?

Most days, it just seems so unreal

This was not at all like I had planned

Seeing you baby, in my hand

Oh my sweet little baby

How beautiful you are

Oh my sweet little baby

From my heart, you’ll never be far

It really hurts, but I know it’s for the best

Oh my sweet little baby, in peace may you rest

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