I Smile

Vent Poems

You look at me, I smile.

You keep looking so I do it a while

Longer. Just waiting for you to turn away

Avert your gaze so I can say,

I'm fine and I'm not shedding a tear.

Sometimes you put so much on me

That I can't take it all, you see?

I hold back and try not to cry

And tell you that my eyes are dry,

That there's nothing to fear.

I want you to see that it hurts

That I clutch my shirt

Holding my breath and go silent.

Hiding my feelings when I'm afraid to get violent.

I love you but you hurt me too!

When you're quiet and thinking

And your eyes not blinking.

That rage you hold in, it pains me

Just to watch you hurt and see

That you won't talk it through.

Not right away and I fill with guilt

Knowing it's not my fault at all.

But my heart is not strongly built

So for you I shall fall!

I hate to see you bittersweet

For to me you are my sweet!

So the next time you look vile,

Just remember my love and smile!


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