Negotiating Happiness

I hate it when everything seems to be going good,

Then you turn around to find out you were mistaken,

Everything was in the wrong.

Negotiating happiness today,

Can't shack this funk,

Dragging my feet,

Nothing to do but wait for the fall now.

Brace your self girl,

You know the drill,

Don't fake the bold,

Just face the blow.

You know its going to hurt,

So no need to cry when there is no one to wipe the tears.

Just let the blood drain,

And stain,

It's always the same,

And only you to blame.

Negotiating happiness today.....

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Afzal Shauq's picture

sweet poetess with rich poetry..enjoyed your few poems and choose this one to commens... really a well written poem, rich and impressive a lot..roamntic way of writing in intersting... hope my peace wishhing thoughts will also touch your heart and you are the best..I am a peace wisher poet with 6 books in hand and 7th is in pipe line and thats about long comments about my peace thoughts..hope you do long comments to share my book with you..and preserve your words... appreciate your words if do...