Friends with my Pain

Love and Pain

Friends with my Pain

Hello Pain.

There you are again

A sworn enemy

I can walk next to like a friend

Not too many tears this time

when you rang my bell

You are no new surprise

Your face doesn’t penetrate my shell

I’m cooking dinner

Would you like a bite?

I’m serving contentment

Without despair or seasoned with fight

For dessert, we’re having sadness

Topped with concern, minus the usual gloom

The taste is a little sharp

But I’m use to salt in my wound

Just like the last time

You said you were that, claimed you were this

And so just like the last time

You proved to be the opposite

And so the next time someone knocks

I will respond with even fewer tears

No thanks, keep your handbag of heartaches

Pain has already been here.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another layer of scar tissue.

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