I am tired, oh, how I want to rest,

I am tired of your summer fest,

Tired of waking up to alarms,

Tired of listening to old psalms.

Tired of getting up and going,

Tired of trying, trying, trying,

Tired of knowing there is nothing,

That really matters to my knowing.

Tired of rushing off for work,

Tired of enduring hours of waking,

Tired of this sick and creeping feeling,

Tired of talking and arguing

Tired of struggling for a living

Tired of living... just for existing.

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Let me listen to the songs of yore,

Let me read the poetry of bygone times,

Let me look around inside that old bookstore,

Where I spent my years two score and more.

Let my imagination recall my beloved,

The woman who only wanted to be loved;

Let me ponder on why she left me,

Was I too young and she bold for me?

Let me relive that grand afternoon,

When her loving smile sent me in a swoon,

Let me not forget the day when she said,

Let what should not be said remain unsaid.

Let me believe that she is still mine,

Like the old books and songs of my time,

Let me go back to the years of my youth,

Let me make a call from that telephone booth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written a decade ago and revised on the 22nd of March 2009.

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What should I write about my land,

54 whirlwinds of time's span,

Ignored causes, deprived masses,

Like froth on the seashore's sand.

Exploitation and sin are tall trees,

Woodcutters have started to decrease,

Might is right is the law here,

There is no joy but hunger, fear.

The men in white hide their tears,

The women are burned on funeral pyres,

The children are toiling night and day,

And terrorists their cursed games play.

Was this the dream of the East's poet,

Was this why sacrifices were made,

Was this why so many homes were razed,

For this, did a thousand flowers fade?

Let me not listen to the peers,

I shan't be consoled by the wise,

I shall be the most surprised,

If a reformer in this land appears.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pakistan celebrates its independence day on the 14th of August. It was declared independent in 1947. This poem was written in 2001.

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These wolfish faces, how they stare at me,

Sneering and growling to pounce on me,

How they all lie in wait for me,

Why do these creatures want to devour me.

I have found all ties to be selfish,

My mother reminds me about her anguish:

How her milk kept me nourished;

She still thinks that I am fetish.

My father thinks that I am the dodger,

He does not perceive, he does not bother,

He wants the repayment of all his dollars,

He does not care to reply to my letter.

My woman always calculates my earning,

Always so keen to go out for shopping,

She has me, yet says she has nothing,

Ah, the guile of her artful complaining.

My sons are busy with books in their arms,

My children's concern feels like a balm,

Their love is instinctive, to avoid harm,

And God finds me trying to hide in His arms.

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I am in a jungle where wild and free,

And frenzied eyes stare at me,

How come I ventured, how come I was lost,

How did I in this place stage entry?

Men and women they call themselves,

What makes them say so I can't say,

Even wolves roam about and hunt in packs,

But these souls are selfishly greedy.

Even vultures that feed upon the dead,

Share and fly about patiently,

Even the adder with its venomous tongue,

Is not so dangerous and deadly.

Even the fox that fears the hounds,

Has some awareness of its bounds,

Even the wild and untamed cats,

Aren't so cunning in enmity.

Is there a cave, a tree, some sea,

Where I can hide and seek refuge,

Where is the tavern where some like me,

From this evil domain seek safety?

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die blare wat moet val

word iewers grond

nou sleep die naakte takke

- eensaam soos verwarde winde -

hul skraal sjablone

oor die deurweekte aarde:

word bruin met bruin versoen

die koue lote sal

terugkrul in 'n krans

َm die wonde van verlore vlinders

totdat die dae - ingebinde

skakels van die midseisoen -

in september soepel

terugtas na die groen

tot dلn bly span

my reënsambreel

bly sif die wintervuur

sy as

en hang die grou gemis

daar waar die see

desember was

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Op Heroldsbaai het die gesigseinder winter geword ... en permanent met die see versmelt ...

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Just Sign

You knew this day would come

Inevitable, been due a long long time

Still the sadness is somewhat overwhelming

As you reflect over the years in your mind

Remember when you took those vows

Clear in your mind to this day

Only takes a signature from the pen

To make the promise of long ago… go away

Chalk it up as another experience song

Put it alongside all of your other failures in life

As your memory list gets long, with things gone wrong

Time now, for reflections in your mind of struggle,and strife

Memories of the past, in vivid twenty twenty vision

Serve to ignite the fire of sadness, of past decision

The thought to yourself, questions if you’ve ever done anything right

As you chose love, for your guiding light

So don’t hesitate, cut the cord,

Just sign and date, seal this fate,

Using the pen as your sword

For it is done every day,

This time, it’s well overdue

Just sign, on the dotted line

The official end, of me…and of you

Copyright © -2001 Dennis Hicks

All Rights Reserved by Author

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Can He Ever Repair Insane

Can He Ever Repair Insane

The weakness of a memory

Sketches the past in his mind

of love and all its chemistry

and happiness he hoped to find

He felt there would come a time

that she from his mind would someday fade

that one day he’d awake to find

her memory gone from where its always laid

He told himself over and over again

time to move on for there wasn’t a future in the past

that being obsessed with her love was a sin

this thought of her had to be his last

As days turned into nights

and nights turned into days

the urge to call her he constantly fights

thinks of her in so many different ways

She’s everywhere even in his dreams

sometimes he sees her when he stares into space

the room next door can hear his screams

when he awakes alone, in this God forsaken place

Can He Ever Repair Insane

Can He Ever Reach Inside

Can He Ever Remain Inane

Can He Ever Rename I …Love You

Copyright ©-2001 Dennis Hicks

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A Saddened Angel

She sits in the corner alone, her wings enfolded around her.

Sadness overwhelms her and sorrow saturates her whole being.

An Angel with a tear in her eye is a sad thing to behold

For Angels should be bright and free and happy beings

Angels spread joy and  peace to those who need it most

This fallen angel now needs the peace and the brightness

She needs the hope and the joy, the reasons to go to tomorrow

Tis with pain and sorrow she hangs her head and waits for time

Time that will come and remove all the grief's and sadness’

The silent tears, unheard by many, flow like rivers and streams

Tears that spill from eyes of blue and over silken cheeks

They bring a golden glow upon the saddened face and make it shine

Surely time will weave its magical carpet of freedom and let her fly

Fly Angel Fly, see the heavens and know they exist for all time

So soar Angel, Fly high in the sky's great expanse of wonder

See the sun in all its glory, touch the clouds in their beauty

Fly where Angels have feared to fly before, go where no man has gone

Let not the troubles and cares of this world keep you grounded

But rather take each opportunity to bring Faith, Hope and Love

To the many that are out there weeping and wailing with sorrows

For indeed you sorrow not alone others weep the tears of sadness too

Saddened Angel rise and see, that indeed the Son looks on thee

Weep no more the tears of sorrow, for He will give you a new Tomorrow

Where pain and grief and tears will no more be yours to bear

But in their place he will bring joy, peace and happiness to you

Sweet Spirit of the loving God forgives and offers His sanctuary

Where forgivness reigns, and sorrows cease, here you will know Peace

Unfold your wings and fly sweet Angel, rise and follow Him to Paradise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem I wrote at a time of my life when I was  at my lowest....but you know God pulls us through
He is my source of strength
I was indeed then a very saddened angel........

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