what starts with pain will only end with regrets

You confuse me so much that it hurts

inside your heart a shadow lerks

one that holds all of ur secrets

things that would make u not so perfect

you try so hard to get to me

i try to act but i know you see

you see through the things i do

the things I try to hide from you

you know that u have power over me

why wont you just let me be

you say that you love me

but how can that be

after u've hurt me

and wont set me free

all that i wanted was to be loved

now i fear what is to come

i dont know what im sappoused to do

i built my whole life around you

you were everything i thought i wanted

but now i see my dreams are haunted

your all that i see even now

i wish i could make you just a part of the croawd

but ever time i see you

my hearts screams for you

I feel so much pain

and it wont go away

i know you take pleasure in seeing me like this

but i want you to know my one last wish

that i hope that you can one day see

how much you really ment to me

and when there is no one left

all you'll have are you're regrets

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for my ex bf brandon

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