Suicide Note Of A Neglected Mime

The wait is finally over

here's your concrete goodbye

my shades are drawn like sheets

stained with pure romance

cherished like a straight A

why keep untying, the final is approaching

can you feel it under your flesh?

razors dance to the sound of misfortune

spin me into this sapphire holocuast

i'm so afraid of the sound of your voice

I could splinter into a disgusting insect in your underwear drawer, just to catch your eyes on something horrible

my only regret is that I didn't spit in your eye

violently exploding into an army of blind dragonfly's

made of years of clay and bitter silence

this is almost over, just open those pretty blue eyes

you can't hear next summer

when winter fuzzes out the icy sunshine

just sleep now, just goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Mime Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

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