Christmas Warmth


Christmas Warmth

December 21, 2007

In the sky of Wonderland,

We see a star brightly shining.

Having six points to each end,

Shadowing the meadows with its beams high and low,

We see staring under it a little home.

In the other side of the world,

We see people staring at the sky,

Seeing that very same star above the clouds.

When the shepherds see,

They see the sky with light,

And then they start to feel a drop of the light,

Not knowing it is snow in their eyes.

In the north comes out a man from his home,

Oh jolly and happy with joy,

He sees a bright star in the sky as well.

He jumps into the sleigh and follows the star southward,

Where he ends up in a little stable out the city limits,

And there he sees a man and a woman waiting for the bright star to come down.

Where all of a sudden,

Out of no where,

The star sits on the little straw bed,

Where a baby lays asleep.

The jolly man says, "What a happy moment this is which is when I shall help others"

As the jolly man sits and looks on,

He has a little tear coming down his face.

And so he got up,

Went to he's sleigh as Three Men approached him and gave him gifts so that he can spread,

With all his happiness and joyful thoughts.

And so the man left the land,

He went around the world,

Giving presents to everyone,

And reaching home for a Happy and Warm Christmas night.

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