Behold your King


behold your king

lying in a manger

behold the holy one

born to be your savior

while shepherds watch their sheep

an angel came to say

that there is a child born

to wash their sins away

Chorus #1

hope was born in bethlahem

on that silent night

angels sang praises to God

for this gift of light

halleluiah halleluiah

every one will sing

wrapped in love from God

behold your king

behold your king

so humble and small

not born in a mansion

doesn't look like a king at all

the greatest gift of all

was that baby boy

and those who knew his purpose

were filled with everlasting joy

Chorus #1

behold your king

nailed to a cross

beaten and bleeding

as he payed your cost

wearing a crown of thorns

on his head for all to see

being mocked by all who pass

dying to set all who believe free

Chorus #2

the king of kings

was killed that day

Jesus died on that cross

to take your sins away

he suffered then rose again

and the angels again began to sing

he ascended into Heaven above

behold your king

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