Indisputable women


Blood sucking Demon's
Permeating my skin.
Not completely draining
But taking enough to hypnotize my brain.
For a moment I have forgotten
Who I am
But instantly I'm back at it again.
Take me for granted
Use me till you need me no more,
There is always another sucker
Out there waiting to be torn.
We are all the same
With the same fucking goals,
Looking to buy happiness
With the cost of our sole.
Can't give up everything
As we seep back to our old ways.
We're not just men
Waiting to be played,
For we invented the game
We just made more mistakes.
Now you run like you own it
But your rules are totally fake,
We understand that we can change
But that's the biggest fear in ourselves is that we are whiling not to make.
So why not just be yourself
And see how it goes
I know I'm down for less acting
And more for putting on shows.
Stop allowing us to label you as
Indisputable &$%#

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cause the begging is do genuine and then once they have you they think they can make that change... And we fall right back into.... Well!!! Where you are right in this very moment. For all you guys out there that are living in this moment

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A Dance With the Devil

I play my games
fluttering my eyelashes
Licking my lips
You catch your breath
When I simply move my hips
Perfumes of nervous sweat
By the time my strap slips
I know that you want me
I hear your eager yips
But patience my dearest
Take small, sweet sips
You reach to caress me
Your whole world flips
Open your eyes
See all my lies
I was never even near
Your fingertips
Beg all you please
I am but a tease

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Fishing season

It's ice fishing season again.

I'm in the mood for sushi.
All the fish are still tasty but I want something different. I can't even remember all the names of them I have in the bucket.

I'm a carnivore. Who the fuck am I kidding. Maybe one day I'll find a great vegan restaurant. Maybe I'll start liking different vegetables.

Maybe I'll still think of Noah with every step.

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You tell me you love me,
Silly me, i believed it.

You say you want me for forever,
Silly me, i though you'd mean it.

I bet, when you're telling me these things,
You're saying them to her, too.

You just tell me what i wanna hear,
So what the hell am i supposed to do?

You're playing little games,
Like a little high school boy.

Just playing with my paper heart,
Like i'm one of your little toys.

So soon i'll give up and realize i deserve better,
Maybe then you'll see how magical we could have been together.

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Hunger Games

Sad Love Poems

I hate the silence most of all because it speaks the truth // leaving me guessing out of my mind of the feelings that are stored in you // & we said it countless amount of times how each others love is what we persue // so how come everytime we lock eyes ur vision seems slightly askew // & as the days go by the thought starts eating me alive // baby im starving for ur heart and i need to know if u feel the same // do u really care or do u jus love me for the fame // im asking u now cuz im tired of these hunger games // & i kno u stay quiet cuz u tryin not to cause me pain // but the question is building tension to the future lesson i will learn someday // so for now i can only grow quiet as i finish up this sentence // leaving the thought of my question to rest in essence as we go back into silence...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem awhile back ago. i actually have many poems that im going to start posting up. I got my inspiration from the awesome book "hunger games"

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wir malten
hop scotch
auf alem burgersteig

nun ist es genalt
auf dem burgersteig
meines herzeoss. 

(c) copyright heather burns

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Wicked Game

Our hearts are so twisted, entangled, entwined.

This wicked game pitches my heart against my mind.

I want to believe you and let down my wall,

But I've been broken so long I'm afraid of the fall.

To touch you would tempt me to let down my guard,

But with so much pain to build it, breaking it's hard.

So I look out through the bars of this prison I've made,

And wish upon wishes that you hadn't played,

Because this wicked game is made to tear us apart,

And believe me baby, it begins with the heart.

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All I Want is a Pitch

I want to play baseball.
The game isn't the true face at all.

I've watched since
I was a small child.

My heart always went to
thos most passionate and wild.

I fell in love with the
stories of triumph and success
Lose or win, triumph or fail
they were great games, and the best.

I wanted to be like that,
be a star, a player of the game.
I started to watch closely
and they all were not the same.

There were three differnet
games that I identified.
The ones in the majors and
the minors, and then the weekenders outside.

I've watched games
and I've picked up a bat.
I've swung and I've practiced
I've got on my batting hat.

It's my turn up
in this imaginary game.
But its not like I've seen
nothing is the same.

I'm ready to go
and confident I can play.
I've practiced and practiced
and its a perfect day.

I'm not so presumptuous
to think I'm super great.
I just want to take a swing
before it gets too late.

I don't even care if
I don't make it to first base.
All I want is a pitch!
I'll swing with a happy face.

Alas there isn't
even a pitcher on the mound.
I'm waiting all ready at the
plate, no pitcher to be found.

All I want is a pitch,
I'm so eager to play.
Please, someone
come and play.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 17: a poem titled "All I Want is____".  This poem has a dual meaning.

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