Top Soccer Strategies

Let’s talk about 3 soccer strategies, which allow to make profits even for beginners. Gaining experience in betting, you can adjust each strategy at your convenience.


A good site for soccer betting is


Match Outcome Bet


Used by both beginners and experienced players. You need to guess which of 3 outcomes is going to win - the victory of the host, guests or a draw. Experienced players make the same bets with handicap.


Due to underestimation of coefficients (coefs) on the match favorites, many bettors place bets against them at higher coefs and often win.


Bet on the Exact Score in Match


This result is difficult to predict, but there are very high coefficients (from 5 and above). Experienced bettors prefer betting on several results rather than one, for example: 3-0, 3-1, 4-0. It allows them to remain in the black when winning any score of indicated. 


Bet on Outsider who Plays in the Home Field 


Statistics prove that outsider has a 60% chance of winning in his home field. The only thing is that he should not be an explicit outsider with a high coefficient. Teams should be approximately equal. The outsider must play in the base team, no replacements.


Total Bet


The standard total in a soccer match is 2.5. Bets are made on Total more or Total less. For example, a bet on Total more than 2.5 means a total number of goals of 3 or more, and a bet Total less than 2.5 - 2 goals, 1 or zero.


Today you can find programs in the net that track every fluctuation of totals until start of the match. An experienced player analyzes such indicators and increases the probability of guessing the total. 


Each of these simple strategies deserves your attention. Use them as basic tools to create your own profitable strategies and win!

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(Verse 1)

I’m the goal that you think you’re gonna score

A little bit of teasing got ya pleading for more (Yeah Yeah)

If you end up a loser no need to be sore (No No Nooo)


Givin’ up on trying to get me to stay

Like it was gonna happen anyway

You’ve run out of dumb lines to say

Well save em’ for a rainy day


I’m the judge and you’re the case

What you’re true intentions are it’s time to investigate

You wanna play hardball then step up to the plate

Cause we both know you’re just trying to get to third base



Tryna go camping in my spot

With that tent in your shorts

Tryna get your ball in my court

Well you must love games

Cause you tryna play sports

Somebody call the referee

Cause I gotta and I wanna (Wanna) hear that whistle blow

You really think you can handle me

Well we'll just have to wait and see


(Verse 2)

You wanna touchdown so baby go long

Now come on and show me what you got (Got)

It's a foul if you hit it wrong

Can ya get it can ya get it up (Up)

Like a jockey yeah giddy up (Aye!)


Like tennis

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Warning: Young poets read at your own risk. A raunchy about how men and women (but mostly guys I think use sports euphemisms when referr to or talking about sex or sexual encounters.


My brother’s Soccer Net


My brother’s Soccer Net


               It was a cold and joyful Christmas morning. One of those in which my younger brother and me raced down the stairs to see what Santa Claus had brought to us. My brother’s gift was a little envelope, as he read it he began to sprint towards the backyard, there was his present, two real size soccer goals. Huge white posts with a brand new tight net, that made the ball bounce immediately back to your feet. This was what he wanted since he was little. After that day, there is no other object that can describe him better. Every single afternoon, walking through my backyard after practice, I could see him taking shots. I summer days, rainy days, and even in early mornings he was there shooting. No matter the distance scored always great goals from many different places. Those nets really made him happy. He constantly changed the net for a new one of tightened the old one. He was always asking my mom to get them painted as he didn’t want them to loose their bright, winter, white color. Years after, my brother went to boarding school away from home. I was weird getting home and seeing no one taking shots. I every went outside and used them for a bit, as I felt bad they were so useless. These goals were a constant reminder of my brother not being home. As time passed, the goals began to rust and the net  started breaking apart. No maintenance was given to them. The goals, had a very strong feeling for me as they represented my brother. It was hard to think of my brother being away from home and then looking at the rusty, old nets abandoned in the backyard. My brother came back from boarding school, talking about how much he liked rowing and saying he did like soccer any more. All of a sudden, I realized I had more feelings towards those goals than my brother did. The abandoned, rusty goals had more importance for me this time. After hearing that, my mother was more than happy to send the goals away. Days after, as I saw the goals being carried away from my backyard, I felt as if I had lost something, a part of my childhood, a memory. I felt as if my brother had grown older than me for a moment.



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World Cup

We got the World Cup raging on

All the people that don't like soccer are hopping on

But this bandwagon's almost full

Of people that run with the bulls


To people that eat noodles

'Cause this game has fans all over the world

From Grown up men to little girls

Millions of people watching the field

Looking at players who refuse to yield

Waiting for the score to be revealed.

Forwards and defenders playing hard


Trying not to get a red card

Some act like they've been marred

To try to get others barred

From continuing on in the game

So they can get all of the fame

In the end only one team can win

And all the others get thrown in a bin.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I sincerely apologize for that terrible (and slightly racist) rhyme with noodles.Embarassed

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The Ancient Maya game of Tut to Tut. Warning!.

The ancient Maya

played a game like soccer

they called Tut to Tut

played with two teams

and a ball

that was passed around by the hip

and not the foot.

The ball was made of latex rubber

some claim it contained a human skull

For  one thing Tut to Tut was never dull

They played in front of a temple

on a strip of green

the object of the game

to score a goal by passing the ball

through a hoop made of stone

The winners were victorious

but for the losers it wasn't nice

because they chopped their heads off

and made them a sacrifice.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wouldn't like to have been a coach or referee.

Anyone for a game of Tut to Tut?.

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Carlos´s Soccer Ball

Since we were little my parents have always told my brothers and me to be in sports, I had been in tennis, basquetball, dance classes, and more. I had not think about it, but my brother’s sport was mostly one. Carlos used to be obsessed with soccer. All of his childhood was basically with that sport. My grandmother always likes to tell us a story about when he was a baby, and she was watching TV with him, she would put on a soccer game he would suddenly pay close attention, and when she would change the channel, he’d look away or start doing something else. And ever since I can remember my house has always been full of soccer balls, what else could I have expected growing up with 3 brothers. I remember when we were little and I had to play with them, I got really scared of the ball because they would hit it really hard. Anyways, there were some big, some small, and in all the colors possible. But there was one, the special one, a white Adidas ball with black and golden lines that had been sold for the FIFA world cup 2006. I think one of my aunts gave it to him as a gift. He really loved that ball. I remember when we were little, he used to take it everywhere. We could be driving in the car with my mom, eating dinner, or just being at the house, and he would be there with it maybe kicking it, tossing it, holding it or something. He used to go to his soccer matches and when he would get back even if they had lost or won, he would go out and with it a little more time. It is funny to think back at that, considering that Carlos doesn’t play soccer that much anymore, and the last soccer ball I have seen in my house was in my backyard. A dirty blue ball my dog broke.

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